Review: Bottle & Glass, Indiranagar

Like Maestro Rodrigo in Mozart In The JungleIndiranagar bars are selling you salsa because it’s the only gig in town. Luckily, Bottle & Glass is inviting you to dance, not to bite into an extra-large tacoBecause that would be hard-shell.

So is the scrap metal and rusted iron scaling the walls of this new establishment. Enter and you’ll be awash in dingy blue light, while steel chairs buckled to the tables transport you to afternoons hiding out in the college canteen: bunker, meet bunker. 

First Dips

The effect is disorienting, but the staff knows what’s good for us. While we’re getting our bearings, the bartender, without waiting for an order, sends us his seasonal special, the Summer Edition. The name may conjure up more heat than light, but the drink is the opposite: vodka and sweet lime juice topped with chilled sparkling wine, it’s light, fresh and makes us feel like we’re at a mellow sundowner.

We’ve arrived just in time for the evening crowd, largely made up of young office workers. A bell rings to signal the start of the weekly “Salsa Congress,” which sounds like a political party much of Indiranagar would actually vote for. (Dips in performance welcome, in this case.

The Summer Edition, with vodka and sweet lime juice topped with chilled sparkling wine, is light, fresh and makes us feel like we’re at a mellow sundowner.

Factory Made

Our starters arrive just as the music is cranked up, and couples slither on to a big, inviting dance floor. With regrets (and two left feet), we stick to the eats. Crispy chicken in oyster saucethin strips of deepfried meat, rendered dry in red and flavourless oyster sauce, makes us think of another TV show: we’d call this one ‘The LetDown.’ Paneer in sesame sauce is better, tender and mild. It takes chicken nachos to put smiles on faces around the table: there aren’t too many situations in a dance bar where surprise sausage is a plus-point, but this is one. 

The rest of dinner, we must confess, is a wash: the music is so loud by this time that we know even as we’re placing our order that the server hasn’t caught most of it. The only thing that arrives in time is a BBQ pizza: for what it’s worth, a meal in itself, and a good one. The base is sauced with a tangy barbeque variant on the standard tomato, and it adds body and smoky fullness to the meat. It’s not the salsa we or Maestro Rodrigo might see as the salvation of a place, but it’s one sauce of consolation. Olé.

Getting there: 256, Defense Colony, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, call +91 7338385888, approximately Rs1400 for a meal for two with drinks. 

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