Review: Behrouz Biryani

It appears that when chefs at Behrouz are off duty, they create graphic novels about the city of Behrouz and its neighbouring King Cyrus the Great’s war over biryani. 

Now we like to have good reading material while we eat, but it would be nice if the chefs’ ability to furnish stories with rich details applied to the biryani as well. If you’re thinking of using Behrouz’s app + website to order rice plates this week, let us give you a quick overview of the story, where you’ll find reluctant heroes, enthu cutlets and buttery twists. 

Chapter 1: The Slain Hero

The neatly packed box of Ghosht Biriyani is the first bone we have to pick with Behrouz. Literally. The rice feels undernourished: mutton is measly, mostly skin and bones; khuska is under-seasoned and the fragrance is very faint. The addition of mint raita is the only thing that can save this damsel in distress. 

Chapter 2: The Enthu Cutlet

It’s always a challenge to make a good vegetarian biriyani, but Behrouz is certainly up for the task. Tiny, flavoursome discs of falafel line the dish, adding an element of surprise to otherwise dull pilaf, sweetened with the addition of carrots, peas and beans. We would definitely order this again. 

Chapter 3: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Chicken Makhi, a buttery version of biryani is new to us, and despite threatening to overwhelm the palate, it is rather light and studded with tender pieces of chicken. The mildness of the rice is in tandem with the richness of the butter, although we must admit we’d rather have more spice than makhan in our biryani. 

A sweet end to the meal arrives as a small portion of sevai, a milky dessert dotted with dry fruits, which makes today feel like Eid


People of Behrouz, we love your stylish packaging and convenient app for ordering, but the biryani experience falls short of royal. Less tales, more tadka please. 

Getting thereDownload the app or order Behrouz Biryani online on
A meal of three single-serve biryanis and dessert approximately costs Rs. 1,100. 

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