bpb Review: SANDWICH by Bun Intended, Greater Kailash I

Bun’s better be intended at this delivery service, because it’s almost not funny how center-stage the bread is. When we call SANDWICH by Bun Intended, we find a voice on the other end of the line that is clearly instrumental in a very hectic kitchen; as the staff member takes our order, his politeness is jullienned by onions and the clanging of machines. Still, general efficiency remains consistent, and the voice, which promises that our order will be ready in thirty five minutes, is impressively not frazzled by our detailed questions about sauces, dips and types of tofu.

He sticks to his word. Just as an episode of Transparent comes to an end, the doorbell rings and three boxes arrive, looking like they are filled with something way more functional than sandwiches; however, the strong but unimaginative packaging does give us an exaggerated sense of safety. An equally banal menu comes with, featuring cute names like “lord asparagus” and makes us feel like the sandwiches are made in some kind of electronic heaven and consumed by trolls, rather than by people like us, lounging around watching TV shows, swayed by even an ounce of love.

The sandwiches have flaws but they are full of soul; intended we think, to feed hungry freelancers in the middle of the workday, or a Space Cadet Mom who secretly wants to watch Transparent with us and tell her kids to eff off for dinner.

She shouldn’t, because Shri Achari – which features “meatballs with an Indian kick” along with substantial quantities of mozzarella and parmesan – is fit for a growing young lad, after his fourth game of soccer. We respect the accuracy of the meatball description, as the dish is clearly a Italian-Desi combo, which works just fine. Bean Sandwich (fit for the Space Cadet Mom’s teenage ‘I’m trying to be veggie’ daughter), features spicy black beans, sauteed onions, cilantro and “mozz.” A cross between something Punju and something Mexican, like Rodeo-CP-Mexican, this one is a little harder to place but not difficult to eat, especially if beers have been cracked open by now – the kilos of ciabatta that this meal taxes you with certainly demand the brew.

Finally, a Banh Mi, less suited to the thick bread than the other versions, surprises with a serious amount of tofu, topped with picked veggies, jalapeno and cilantro. Slightly on the salty side and quite a bit on the sloppy side, this one could again benefit from a little editing – more Vietnam, less stuff-your-face.

Overall, Sandwich (we can’t do the caps again, sorry) allows us to cross game-night dinner for three off the list with an audible scratch. The key though, if you’re the one hosting/organizing/playing adult, is you can’t care too much, or step out of the role of Space Cadet Mom.

Getting there: SANDWICH by Bun Intended, delivery around GK-I,  see more details here, call 9811029175. Rs 1,000 for a meal for three.

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