Review – Maquina, Hauz Khas Village

Maquina: The name of this Tex-Mex restaurant and bar, the waiter told us, comes from “a machine” and then he added  “that makes drinks” – a fitting name for a dive bar that churns out one lovely margarita.

At Maquina, the interior is made up of parquet flooring, wood and leather seats and token sombrero hats on the wall. There’s also cog wheels built into the design, but for all its mechanical symbols, not everything works at Maquina yet. Read on to find out what we loved and what we didn’t.

Holy Guacamole!

During a second round of margaritas – stiff and nicely mixed, garnished with a small twirl of lemon and jalapeno – our starters arrived. First up, empalmes, a tortilla sandwich with refried beans, jack cheese, tomatoes, and potato which was filled with a tasty spicy filling + beans, but came with chicken despite the vegetarian order.

The rest of the starters were Tex-Mex turned desi. Pieces of cottage cheese turned a perfectly acceptable burrito into an Indian paneer wrap, and tostadas came with a suspicious sweetness reminding us of sev puris with shrimp.

Bring out the Bun-ting

Many factors, however, still redeemed our meal. The burgers,  Tex-Mex Crispy Chicken (TMCC) and a Curried Chickpea and Broccoli version, had juicy patties and came with a side of delicious herb-sprinkled fries.

Another star for the service: waiters promptly address queries, pre-empt any impatience by indicating meals are arriving, and offer helpful wine recommendations.

At the end of the meal, our irritation over the missing dessert was compensated with a Sweet Crepe that came with a saccharine apricot syrup and fresh fruit centre.

We suppose the guys operating this “Maquina” are hoping that you won’t notice their teething problems after two rounds of margaritas. We suggest you build this into your Hauz Khas plan the next time you’re visiting, and pop in just for drinks and  burgers.

Once the machine is better oiled, you can explore the rest.

Getting there: Maquina, 30 A Hauz Khas Village, call 8130330666, view the Facebook page here. Approximately Rs. 4,000 for a meal for three with alcohol.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

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