Honey & Dough, Defence Colony

Colony bugs: once you are done fighting with the parking guy about having to pay his fee despite having a sticker (an increasingly difficult battle to win) you may notice the market’s latest entry. Honey & Dough is a welcome pop, and its eye-catching tiffany blue branding spells care, precision, and quality.

Despite this being a saturated bakery market with legendary Defence, hideously glitzy Raro, red velvet daymare Angels In My Kitchen and a generic Barista at arm’s length, Honey & Dough is comfortable spreading out and taking on established giants. We’re glad for this because it fills a giant void: H & D, unlike all the others, is a cutesy-comfortable place to sit back and have reasonable cake and coffee at a reasonable price.

While their social media team insists the bakery only launches on July 8, we walk in on a rainy Saturday afternoon to a spotless, full-service cafe, inviting and filled without feeling packed. One table is populated with aunties and friends, and another by a couple quietly chatting about a business plan (something to do with sourdough). The music is friendly, the aesthetic is young, happy and plugged in, with little rolling pin inspired artwork playing on rap-slash-kitchen lyrics. Thanks – we’ve got ‘you see me rollin’ in our heads all afternoon, and an auntie next to us singing or saying these words hilariously off key, fully distorting their context.

The selection is displayed well, never overwhelming the eye or cannibalizing each other with colour or size. The staff are adept at making recommendations, based on your weakness, which while ostensibly about taste, is really about what form of life tragedy you’re here to negotiate (Bratty child? Bad breakup?). Aside from the sweets counter we also notice a good range of sandwiches, simple and adequately filling: an excellent option for an in-between snack. A member of staff attempts to talk us in to a butter chicken quiche, which, despite the rainy day, we have the power to resist.

A member of staff attempts to talk us in to a butter chicken quiche, which, despite the rainy day, we have the power to resist.

As our order of almond croissant, two green coffees and mango cheesecake is worked on, we spend our time at the H & D take away counter, which offers prettily packaged foods – no-brainer gifts for whoever you owe next. Here you’ll find bread, multi-grain cookies, jams, a packet of French hearts and much else. We pick up a selection of items, impressed by the reasonable prices and mommy-care packaging. The verdict on them, the day after, is that they perhaps look cuter than they taste, but nonetheless make great gift supplements.

Our order is sweetly accompanied by a large (free) American chunk cookie. The coffees are well made, with the green coffee particularly soothing, whether or not you buy the antioxidant spiel. Mango cheesecake is light and enjoyable – the fresh fruit mixing perfectly with the well-whisked cream. Almond croissant too, is above satisfactory, although we’d still go an extra mile for L’Opera’s expertise.

However, if going the extra mile is a stretch, and especially if you’re in the Colony, H & D is an establishment we’ll support — not that Defence Bakery’s lemon tarts and hummus don’t occupy an indisputable place in our hearts. Time does things that cuteness cannot, and there’s something about the original colony taste and the no parking fee that we won’t stop fighting for.

Getting there: Honey and Dough, 9, Defence Colony market, Rs. 700 for an indulgent tea for two (including a pack of cheese straws for round two at home). Officially launches July 8.

Accessibility: Ground-level entry, but the café isn’t really designed with wheelchair users in mind.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals. 

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