Review – Fork You, HKV

You can hear Fork You, a restaurant in HKV, before you can see it. We walked in just in time to catch the last strains of Bill Perry and settled into our high chairs for what looked like a promising evening. Our favourite part of this modern meets old school Tex Mex space was the exposed brick bar. With the word “Cocktails” strewn across the wall in fairy lights, our (wine) cup runneth over.

An elaborate and rather confusing drinks menu was presented to us. After many questions, we understood that Fork You designed custom cocktails. Flavour of the month? Our bartender asked for a taste preference and recommended we get vodka with litchi juice, cardamom, cinnamon, basil and cucumber. He looked our friend up and down, and suggested he try an Oak Cask aged cocktail. To be fair, he is an Old Fashioned kind of guy. Despite the dubious selection process, these turned out to be the best made drinks we’ve had all year.

Be Knife

Our vegetarian nachos with queso sauce were an easy scarf down, but low on cheese. Masala fish sticks, while well done, were begging for a squeeze of lemon and some, well, masala.

No less a personality than Juggy D had recently tweeted about the excellent steaks available at Fork You, but alas, neither those, nor vegetarian enchiladas we had been eyeing, were available. He quickly pulled out two forms instead. “You can ‘build your own burger, here,’” he told us with so much excitement that we waited for a show of jazz hands. We chose a soya patty burger for our vegetarian course and a lamb patty for our friend—tender(loin) is the night?

The lamb patty burger came first. Our chosen sides were Mozzarella finger sticks and one bite in, we were patting ourselves on our backs. The burger itself was dry, with the oregano bread overwhelming the patty. The soya burger, much like its meaty sibling, was dry and mealy, forcing us to remove the bun and dig into the patty, while slathering it with sauce.

Tine After Tine

The food at Fork You needs to catch up to its cocktails before we too can tweet with ol’ Juggy’s enthusiasm. But for now, we’d give it an A for cocktails, D for food and an overall B- for effort.

Getting there: Fork You, 30 Hauz Khas Village, call 30146022, Rs 3,348 for a meal for two with alcohol.

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