Review – Chatter House, Epicuria Mall

The smell of musk, wood, leather and testosterone hung low in the air. Four boys sat in the booth on the far right, heavily engrossed in conversation, looking up only to slam their beer mugs on the table in agreement. The picture painted itself for us, the minute we walked into The Chatter House in Epicuria Mall.

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Designed from a page out of a boarding school book, The Chatter House is a cocktail of wood, moss green leather booths, a stone fireplace, an old fashioned bar and a pool table tucked away at the back. A throwback to our college pub; the place had us craving a glass of beer but their liquor license hadn’t kicked in yet. Alcohol starved, we settled to admire the innovative cocktails scrawled across the large menu instead. There was an aampanna vodka, a sharaabi nariyal, pickled Bloody Mary, Monday margaritas for only Rs 150 and a slider and beer combo which we’re sure the boys would love. Expectantly our cinnamon and cardamom iced tea was a let down, but a yummy spicy one at that. The amrood chaat- a blush pink drink infused with guava juice and tabasco also offered a spicy kick.

The food menu, a mix of finger food, curries, pub classics like bangers and mash, burgers and platters left us with plenty to choose from but here’s what we suggest you go with: Those vegetarian tostadas. Golden at the edges, cheese holds inside a delicious mash of chickpeas and potatoes which stand on a paper thin and extremely crunchy base. Gone in less than sixty seconds, we were sure the non-veg kebab platter could not outdo them. But they turned out to be the dish of the night, a large platter studded with varieties of lightly glazed kebabs, naans and a bowl of hot daal. The indecently rich galouti was a stand-out winner, with a lightly charred outside and a juicy inside of spiced meat.

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To avoid falling headlong into a decadent food coma, we approached our mains with hesitation. The penne with vodka was a disaster. Undercooked pasta was drenched in an awkwardly sweet, runny tomato sauce and paremsan shavings. Avoid. Goan prawn curry on the other hand walked the tight rope that all dishes containing coconut milk do. Will one flavour dominate? It didn’t. The curry was flavorful with a nice hint of brown mustard seed and well-cooked prawns.

Dessert was a Chatter house platter of dessert nachos- choco chip cookies, brownie bits, Smarties and marshmallows drenched in whipped cream and served with vanilla ice cream. It made us walk out sated and high-fiving each other.

Getting there: The Chatter House, Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru place, call 9999889842, Rs 2800 for a meal for two (without alcohol)

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