Review – blueFROG, Church Street

Let’s kiss the FROG again, we declare loudly, tipsy and disappointed by the way our night is turning out. We are at blueFROG on Church Street, and this toad seems to have stopped mid-way into its metamorphosis, a series of things holding it back from becoming the prince we had expected.

The bpb team visited blueFROG several times before doing this review, on a Saturday night with no band for drinks, Tuesday for no drinks but a band, and finally Thursday for the full shabang. On all three instances, the live gig venue/ restaurant/ bar lacked buzz, serving mediocre dishes and drinks not worth our Rs 5,000 odd bill.

A welcome drink

Leaping to Bangalore by way of Delhi and Mumbai, blueFROG is spread over two slick floors, offering spaced-out alfresco seating and stage-facing high chairs in the covered section. The attention paid to acoustics and lighting is awesome, both of which were made good use of by Bangalore folk rock band Allegro Fudge on the night we visited.

Unfortunately, the cocktail menu is more exciting on paper than in reality, with too much booze drowning out all other flavors in a Honey Basiltini and Scotch Sunrise (which is better than too little booze); but a cider cocktail was mixed just right.

When hunger strikes

Soaking up all that alcohol was a batch of bar snacks, starting with cornflake-crusted chicken chaat, a mix of sprouts, peppers, onions, chicken strips and mint chutney, which arrived at our table cold and was sent back to the kitchen for some heat. Thankfully, it returned crunchy and fresh, but lacked the lip-numbing, eye-watering quality of really good chaat. Also lackluster were three-cheese mutton kebabs, under cooked pieces of meat served stone-cold. Our SOS to the kitchen was answered by delicious baked brie, its cheesiness cut by chilled pineapple compote with riffs of saffron. This could be the next best thing to Fatty Bao’s brie tempura in all of Bangalore.

If you’re still hungry, try chargrilled mustard fish served alongside lemony tabbouleh. It’s not spectacular, but much like the band playing that night, it’s enough to fill awkward silences during a conversation.

See you again?

Despite the disappointments, we plan to give the FROG we know so well from Mumbai and Delhi another chance, hoping that practice will finally make our prince perfect. For now, we’ll keep working on our kisses, and dear FROG, maybe you can look into those cocktails?

Getting there: 3, ground floor, Church Street

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