Cleartrip Referral Program

Cleartrip is pleased to introduce the Cleartrip Referral Program, where you can earn by referring Cleartrip to your family, friends and acquaintances.


How does it work? How much Referral Bonus can you earn through Refer to Earn program? Other Terms and Conditions I'm trying to sign up, but I get a message that my account already exists. What do I do? I'm trying to sign up, but I get a message that "Referral bonus is only for new users" . What do I do? I've signed up with a new mobile number and verified with OTP, but I still didn't get referral coupon code. Why? When will I receive the coupon code after I sign up? How will my friend, whose referral code I used for signup, earn money in his/her wallet? What if I cancel my booking? Will my friend still get the Wallet amount? Can I transfer my referral bonus from one account to other? Will my referral cash be in my wallet forever?