Travel is rewarding,
in more ways than one.

Explore the world and earn plenty of points along the way. Cleartrip is now PAYBACK’s travel partner.

Explore the world and earn plenty of points along the way.

Cleartrip is now PAYBACK’s travel partner.

How it works

  • Enter your registered PAYBACK Mobile or Card number when you book on Cleartrip

  • Earn loyalty points on every booking

  • Redeem your points for additional savings

  • Available for flights only.


What is PAYBACK?

PAYBACK is India’s largest multi-brand reward program. Customers earn reward points on various products and services, and then use those same points when making future purchases. For more information, you can visit their website here.

How does PAYBACK work on Cleartrip?

PAYBACK Customers can now use their reward points when they book on Cleartrip, and also earn points with every booking. Note: Currently available for flight bookings only, but will soon be enabled for hotels as well.

How do I earn my PAYBACK Points on Cleartrip?

If you are already a PAYBACK Customer, simply enter your registered mobile number in the ‘PAYBACK’ field when making a booking on Cleartrip, and the points will be added to your wallet once you check out.

How can I redeem my PAYBACK Points on Cleartrip?

On the Cleartrip booking screen, you will see an option to redeem your existing PAYBACK Points, before you make the payment. Simply enter the mobile number and PIN linked to your PAYBACK Account when making your booking, and the points will be redeemed once you complete the booking.

How many PAYBACK Points can I earn when I make a booking on Cleartrip?

The points you earn depend on the value of the booking you make. You earn 1 point for every 100 rupees spent on the desktop and mobile websites, nd 3 points for every 100 rupees spent on mobile app.

How many points can I redeem at a time?

You can redeem as many points as you want, as long as the value of the points redeemed is equal to or less than the value of the flight you book. Basically, you can pay for your entire ticket (except the convenience fee) with just PAYBACK Points!

What happens if I cancel my flight?

Not a problem. We will refund the booking amount (after deducting airline cancellation fees) to the original payment source (credit card, debit card, mobile wallet etc). The cancellation fee will be adjusted against the Payback Points redeemed at the time of booking. Remaining PAYBACK Points, if any, will be credited to your PAYBACK Account. Note: If the cancellation fee exceeds the value of the redeemed Points, the balance will be deducted from the final refund amount.

I made a booking, but I didn’t earn any points.

That’s a bummer. Unfortunately, you can only earn points if your phone number is verified by PAYBACK. We recommend reaching out to the PAYBACK Support team to resolve the issue.
Phone: 1860-258-5000 (available from 10am to 9pm)

How do I know if my number is verified?

Simply enter your number in the ‘PAYBACK Points’ section before you make a booking. Once your number is verified, you will be notified on the screen, and can then proceed with the booking.

I’m not able to redeem my points when making my booking.

Please check that you have entered your registered PAYBACK mobile number and PIN correctly. In case you are still unable to redeem the points, please get in touch with the PAYBACK Support team about the issue.

Can I redeem PAYBACK Points when making a booking for someone else?

Yes, absolutely! Be sure to enter the phone number and PIN linked to your PAYBACK Account, and you can redeem your points against the booking.