Book now, pay later at the hotel

  • Zero prepayment -
    pay the whole amount
    directly at the hotel.
  • The price you see
    is the price you’ll pay.
    No surprises.
  • Not what we promised?
    We'll change the room
    right away.
How it works
  • 1

    Book a hotel identified
    with the 'Pay at hotel'
    tag on

  • 2

    We'll contact you a few days before check-in to reconfirm your booking.*

  • 3

    Check-in and Pay
    directly at the hotel.

*Note: If we don’t get a response from you for reconfirmation, the booking will be cancelled.


What is ‘Pay at hotel’?

‘Pay at Hotel’ allows you to book a hotel on Cleartrip without making any payment, and then pay for that booking directly when you stay at the hotel. The hotels on which ‘Pay at hotel’ is available are identified with a ‘Pay at hotel’ tag.

How many hotels do you have on the ‘Pay at hotel’ model?

‘Pay at hotel’ is available on more than 200,000 hotels across the globe.

How and when can I cancel a ‘Pay at hotel’ booking?

You can cancel the booking either with Cleartrip, or with the hotel. We recommend you go through your hotel’s cancellation policy (mentioned on the Cleartrip hotel voucher) and cancel well in advance to avoid paying any cancellation penalty to the hotel.

If I cancel a ‘Pay at hotel’ booking, do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

Cleartrip will not charge any cancellation fee if you choose to cancel the booking. However, depending on the hotel’s cancellation policy, the hotel might charge you a cancellation penalty.

Why is reconfirmation necessary?

We call you for reconfirmation so that we can assist you if there are any changes in your plans. If you choose to cancel your booking during reconfirmation, this also helps us release the room before the hotel applies a cancellation penalty.

Why will you cancel the booking if I’m unable to respond to your reconfirmation call?

We do this to inform the hotel and release the room before the hotel’s cancellation policy kicks in. This protects you from the hassle of having to pay a cancellation penalty.

What if my plans change at the last minute and I’m unable to reach the hotel?

If your plans change at the last minute and you’re unable to reach the hotel, please contact Cleartrip customer care at +91 9595 333 333 / +91 22 4130 0300 and quote your trip ID. We’ll do our best to assist you.