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Day Picnic At Silent Hill Resort



Day Picnic At Pali beach Resort

Mira Bhayandar


Rain Forest Resort



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Sun Beach Resort



Whispering Woods Resort



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This Is Swell – A Beginner’s Guide To Surfing In India

India has 7,000 kilometers of coastline, which means that no matter what your surfing level, there’s a beach and board with your name on it. As the swell of first-time “dudes” in India rises, and expert surfers from around the world come to our shores to teach, a new community is developing. And with it […]

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Ma & Pop: Reasons To Visit Kolkata

Few metros in India are as interesting as Kolkata, and fewer still command the hours of the clock to move at its pace. This, the capital of West Bengal, was considered the capital of British-ruled India until 1911, after which the title and capital, schlepped it to New Delhi. Kolkata was also the epicenter of […]

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From Vada To Veal: Eat Your Way Through Mumbai

Your taste buds say veal but your wallet says vada pav? Fear not, we will find you the best batata vada there is to eat in Mumbai. If you can spring for both, plus a bowl of pisco punch at the city’s swishest restaurant, we’ve got you covered too. Restaurants now have their own organic […]

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Sitar Sings The Blues: A List Of Live Music Venues In Mumbai

Shutters down for Blue Frog a few years ago may have been the day the music died in Mumbai, but then something wonderful happened this year. The long defunct Royal Opera House reopened, housing within its compound a tiny jazz bar that fits in big acts, and the original gilded auditorium that now permits rock […]

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The Mumbai Mall Challenge

Mumbai, we’ve come a long way since Crossroads, the city’s first mall where McDonald’s was front and center; China Garden was as high end as it got and a controversial show-your-cell-phone-to-gain-entry phase was debated by shoppers and non shoppers alike. From then to now, we’ve snobbed up, surpassing the Infinitys and Inorbits to spend 5+ […]

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