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Crab catching

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Indulge In The Thrilling Crab Catching In Goa

Goa boasts many beautiful beaches that offer a wide range of activities. Located in the south western region of India, Goa is the most popular tourist destination among tourists. Situated 557.8 kilometers from Bangalore and 595.5 kilometer from Mumbai, Goa is easily accessible from these cities by air, car or rail. The best time to visit Goa would be November and December as the weather is very pleasant, approx 26°C to 31°C and you can also take part in carnivals and activities like crab catching or water sports during this time. Calangute beach, situated on the coast of Arabian Sea, is often referred as the ‘Queen of the Beaches’. Crab catching is popularly done here. From the Goa international Airport, it can take 1 hour and 12 minutes to reach this place. .

Indulge in the thrilling crab catching activity

The popular tourist destination is famous for many activities such as sightseeing, spa and wellness, crab catching, dolphin watching and a variety of water sports activities. Fishing for crabs in Goa is a popular rustic outdoor sport undertaken by rural teenagers at least once a month, and even by enterprising adults in the different parts of Goa far removed from tourism. Crab traps are thrown mainly during the high tides. Crab catching is perfect activity that may be undertaken to escape from the usual routine in the charming state of Goa. Crab catching is extremely thrilling and may best be enjoyed at Calangute. You can book crab catching with BBQ or with dinner.

Crab catching in Goa mainly starts from 3pm in the afternoon. You can notice hundreds of traps being laid after 2 or 3 pm. Crab catching is an exciting activity done with handmade traps known as Cobllem. It is a metallic ring hung via the nylon net. During the crab-catching activity, guides will help you with crab catching techniques if you have never done that before. .

Crab catching activity is a fun-filled and exciting activity loved by people of all ages. The excitement you feel all throughout the crab-catching activity is next to none. Away from work and worries, in a place of sun-kissed beaches, with friends and family, you may move to the backwaters of Goa to enjoy famous crab-catching activity. Indeed, crab catching is one of the most exciting attractions of Goa.

The Last Word

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