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Here's what to read right now


Room With A View: Cleartrip’s Watch List For 2018

Our favourite place to watch a movie is on a flight. No phone calls, no doorbells, no pesky office emergencies. It’s the time you truly get to switch off and tune in. With a drink in your hand and no judgements. Whether you’re choosing a cheesy film you would never watch on ground, or downloading […]

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Your 2018 Reading List: Leaf It To Us

We know that Netflix made a commendable effort to keep your nose out of the books this year, but there’s no use crying over spilt (Hot) Milk now. 2018 is a new year and with new years come New Year resolutions. Read more, buy more books, date people who buy you books. See below a […]

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Plane & Simple – 10 Apps & Gadgets To Travel With

How did travellers go from essential maps to essential apps? It’s hard to take a trip anywhere without using at least a fistful of applications, ranging from those that make planning easier to ones that make foreign lands seem more familiar. There’s tech to book tickets, track air turbulence and find calm yoga retreats; to […]

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This Is Swell – A Beginner’s Guide To Surfing In India

India has 7,000 kilometers of coastline, which means that no matter what your surfing level, there’s a beach and board with your name on it. As the swell of first-time “dudes” in India rises, and expert surfers from around the world come to our shores to teach, a new community is developing. And with it […]

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Baggage Claim: 6 Frequent Fliers Tell Us How To Pack Like Pros

Anyone can pack. But packing efficiently, now that’s an art. Whether it’s rolling your T-shirts like tightly packed sushi or making origami cranes out of your napkins, packing light and packing well can change the way you roam the world, a little less weight on your shoulders. We spoke to six frequent fliers for their […]

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