Connecting your IRCTC account with cleartrip

IRCTC now requires all users to be logged in to their IRCTC Account before transacting on Cleartrip.We need few details to connect your account.You're just steps away

Sign in or register for an IRCTC account to activate it

Only 3 to 10 characters allowed, No spaces

10 digits only

6 digits only

Steps to register your IRCTC Account


  1. Sign in to your IRCTC account or register for one.IRCTC will send out a verification email and SMS to you.
  2. Activate your account by entering the OTP (one time password) sent in the email and SMS.The activation page link is also specified in the email sent by IRCTC.
  3. Once activated, continue with your booking.


  1. Sign in to your existing IRCTC account or register for one.
    (Note: If you dont have a 10 digit mobile number and a 6 digit zip code, please enter dummy 10 digit phone number and 6 digit zip code)
  2. Post registration, send a copy of your passport to with your username. IRCTC will send your Mobile OTPs over email. Your email OTP will come to your registered Email Address
  3. Activate your account by clicking here and enter the OTPs sent to you by IRCTC.
  4. Continue with your booking