How to reach Vidisha

Some cities in India breathe history and whisper tales of the past as you pass through. Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh is one such city

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Located at the confluence of the Rivers Betwa and Bes, Vidisha is filled with ancient sculptures and antique monuments that stand testament to its glorious past. Vidisha is also locally known as Besnagar, as this is how it was referred to in the Pali scriptures.Architectural remains and archaeological excavations suggest that Vidisha was an important center of trade and commerce during King Ashoka’s rule. The history of the city dates back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC, and the town was prominent during the rules of other dynasties as well, such as the Sungas, the Nagas and the Guptas.Monuments, sculptures, inscriptions, temples and caves make up the tourism landscape in Vidisha. Though many are in ruins, they are still just as fascinating as they were, perhaps, when they were first created. If you’re a history buff, architecture student or budding archaeologist, Vidisha is a city you mustn’t miss out on.The ruins of the Bijamandal Temple are perhaps one of the most important landmarks in Vidisha. It seems that this temple was built around the 11th century, but was never completed, as suggested by the incomplete engravings and unfinished pillars seen here. It is also believed that Aurungzeb destroyed this temple and built a mosque in its place. Thus, the most striking part of this popular tourist spot is that you will see traces of both the Hindu temple as well as the Islamic mosque.The Khamba Baba or the Heliodorus Pillar is another major tourist attraction in Vidisha. The ruins of this structure suggest that this was once a shrine. The bricks at the base are cemented with lime mortar, making this one of the first known uses of cement in the country.The imposing rock at Lohangir Pir, and the intriguing Udayagiri caves are also popular spots for locals and tourists alike. The views you get from both these places are nothing short of breathtaking.Buses ply fairly regularly around Vidisha. Shared and private auto-rickshaws can also take you from one place to another comfortably. Hire a private taxi or car from a local rental if you’d rather go sightseeing at your own pace.Avoid stepping out after dark.Be careful of your belongings at crowded tourist spots

Connectivity Information

Reaching Vidisha By Flight

Vidisha is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Bhopal at a distance of 55kms.

Airports: Raja Bhoj International Airport

Reaching Vidisha By Train

There is no regular trains to Vidisha from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Sanchi which is located at a distance of 8kms.

Railway Station(s): Sanchi

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