How to reach Udhampur

The district of Udhampur is among the most-visited pilgrimage centers in northern India. Present amidst the breathtaking landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, with huge trees of Eucalyptus swaying gently in the valley’s breeze, Udhampur is home to the famous shrines of Shiva Khori and Vaishno Devi

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Most of the religious shrines here can be found on hilly terrains, combining a spiritual pilgrimage experience with some of the most memorable views of the Jammu valley. Some of the breathtaking attractions in Udhampur include Sehad Baba, Siar Baba, Baba Dhansar and Bhimgarh Fort. Travelers can look forward to a taste of Dogra or Pahari culture, where the locals are dressed in colorful woolen clothes and are known to welcome their guests with warmth and sweetness.The Palace of Mirrors, or Sheesh Mahal, was created by Raja Ram Singh in 1885. This palace is located in an area called Ramnagar and is known to teach the stories from the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. The beautiful Sheesh Mahal is decorated with numerous paintings and murals that present the ancient mythological tales and characters to visitors in colorful detail. Among the paintings are also displays that highlight the battles between Raja Ram Singh and Suchet Singh.About 20 km from the town of Udhampur is the shrine of local deity Pingla Devi. The shrine is present near the village of Karua and is perched on top of a small hill. The hill offers great sights and trekking experiences to pilgrims.Bhimgarh Fort, or Reasi Fort, is situated on a hill about 64 km from Jammu. This fort underwent several renovations in the 19th century under the reign of Gulab Singh, and still houses several rooms, an armory, a treasury, a temple and a pond inside.The ancient village of Moungri here was also known as Sonara (place of hundred water springs). According to a legend, the village of Moungri was once home of Nag Devta (the king of the snakes) and had many natural water springs. A few water springs can still be found near this village. A shrine of Lord Shiva also stands on a nearby hillock.Travelers can use cabs to reach Udhampur from neighboring Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.Aged travelers are advised to exercise caution while climbing the hill temple of Pingla Devi.Avoid driving a vehicle yourself in Udhampur, especially at night, because of risky mountainous terrain

Connectivity Information

Reaching Udhampur By Flight

Udhampur is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Jammu at a distance of 38kms.

Airports: Jammu Airport

Reaching Udhampur By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Udhampur from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Udhampur