How to reach Srinagar

Houseboats bob up and down the lake, as young couples, newly-wed or just discovering love, whisper sweet nothings to each other. Fields of bright, colorful flowers beckon you to run towards them, Bollywood-style

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Beautiful women with flawless skin and rosy cheeks, dressed in the traditional garments called ‘pherans’ greet you with warmth and hospitality. Meadows carpeted in green and snow-capped mountains provide the perfect backdrop. Welcome to Srinagar!Undoubtedly a city that is on any traveler’s bucket list, Srinagar, also known as the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is truly paradise on earth. The fact that it is torn by strife and curfew adds a bitter-sweet charm to the endless love affair with the quaint city. With its stunning panoramas, great food, warm and strikingly good-looking people and abundant tourist sites, Srinagar is a city that is hard to resist.As predictable or cliché as it may sound, nothing beats the experience of a Kashmiri houseboat—hire a houseboat and spend a couple of days on Dal Lake, capturing the views and cozying up with your loved ones. Visit the many breathtaking and well-maintained Mughal style gardens that are Srinagar’s pride. Discover the spots where cars are not allowed and can only be accessed on foot or bicycle. Climb up the mountains or race down gorgeous meadows to witness the bounty of Mother Nature.Shop for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts for your home, friends and family, or for the delicious dried fruits the state is well known for. Visit the many cultural and religious sites that perfectly showcase what a melting pot Kashmir truly is, or simply stroll through the city at your own leisurely pace, discovering hidden gems and befriending locals along your way. There are few experiences that can rival a journey to Srinagar, provided you make the most of your trip.State and private buses are available aplenty in Srinagar. You can hop onto one and even ask for advice on getting to your next destination. Auto-rickshaws also ply almost anywhere in the city. The drivers are quite knowledgeable about local tourist sites and may be able to offer helpful suggestions. Fix the rates beforehand however, to avoid getting fleeced.You can also hire a car for the day and get about the city at your own pace. The most authentic way of getting around in Srinagar is definitely by the shikara, or wooden boats that are available on Dal Lake and every other water body in the fairytale city. There are government rate cards also available for these journeys, making it even easier for tourists.Jammu and Kashmir is a volatile state, so make sure to research the state of affairs thoroughly before planning your trip. Monitor the situation regularly and be prepared to make cancellations if required.If there is a curfew, adhere by the rules and stay indoors.If you’re visiting during winter, be careful not to step onto the frozen lake, as the ice is very thin

Connectivity Information

Reaching Srinagar By Flight

Srinagar is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Sheikh Ul Alam Airport

Reaching Srinagar By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Srinagar from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Srinagar