How to reach Sirsa

Engulfed in the legendary tales of its past, Sirsa basks in its historical glory with a cityscape studded with ancient structures and monuments. Green patches of farms and gardens line the quiet narrow paths and even with its humble appearance, the city casts a lasting spell on you

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The myths and folklore surrounding the city and its origin only add to its allure. The city is believed to have existed during the time of Mahabharata and was then known as Sairishaka. Some believe it was named after the King Saras, who established the city in the 7th city. A thriving hub of agro-based industries, today Sirsa is among Haryana's many delights.The glorious past of Sirsa has left some remarkable remains in the city. You can find quite a few interesting historical sites in and around the city. The Tomb of Khwaja Pir, built in the 13th century is one of the oldest structures in the city and is known for its beautiful architecture. At a little distance from Sirsa, you can find a few excavation sites at Arnian Wali, Sikandarpur, and Suchan. These ancient ruins lend insights about life in the medieval era.Sirsa with its temples and mosques is a delightful place for the spiritually inclined. The Dera Baba Sarsai Nath is a 13th-century temple, dedicated to both Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. The Hanuman Temple is especially popular among the local residents of the city. Another popular shrine in Sirsa is the Jama Masjid which is renowned among tourists as well as devotees. Built in the 19th century, the beautiful façade and tall minarets add to its aesthetic appeal. Visit the city during festive occasions like the Gangor Fair to experience the cultural side, complete with traditional dances and music.There are several transport options for traveling within Sirsa. The most common and preferred means of local transport are auto-rickshaws. They can be hailed directly from the street in any part of the city, at inexpensive fares. Taxis provide a more comfortable way of traveling within the city. You can hire a taxi from one of the taxi stands in the city. Cars can also be booked through the car rentals in the city.If you are traveling by an auto-rickshaw, make sure to settle a price before the ride as the drivers may try to quote extra charges on recognizing tourists.Avoid traveling or staying out late at night as it can be dangerous

Connectivity Information

Reaching Sirsa By Flight

Sirsa is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ludhiana at a distance of 170kms.

Airports: Ludhiana Airport

Reaching Sirsa By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Sirsa from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Sirsa