How to reach Silchar

An Assamese city that speaks Bengali and is home to Assamese, Bengalis, Biharis, Marwari, Naga tribals and lots more—Silchar is a town of many surprises. Known as the ‘Island of Peace’ during Indira Gandhi’s time when the northeast was torn with strife, Silchar is steeped in history and a varied cultural ethos

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It stands on the ruins of the Dimasa kingdom, traces of which are still strewn over the city. Situated on the banks of Barak River in the Barak Valley, Silchar is also a natural haven—blankets of greenery, rolling, rocky hills and gushing tributaries make up this enchanting city.Interestingly, the first-ever polo club by the British was formed here, and post independence, in the 1960s, after a great upheaval, Bengali became the official language of this town in Assam. As more and more people migrate to Silchar, progress and economy have only been on the rise. But at heart, Silchar remains a small town of many cultures and ethnicities, offering much to the discerning tourist.The Khaspur locality in Silchar is a must-visit on your trip. With remnants of the Dimasar kingdom, the area is replete with old architecture and edifices dating back to the period. Though the palace is in ruins, there are still parts of it you can see. The Lions Gate and the Sun Gate are also worth checking out.The many beautiful temples in Silchar should definitely feature in your plan, even if you’re not religiously inclined. The architecture is lovely, and the stories behind each are worth listening to.Don’t forget to visit Gandhibagh, a locale named after Mahatma Gandhi which houses a shrine to all the language martyrs who lost their lives while fighting for Bengali to be made official.Walk around the city, make friends with the locals, learn about their history, their culture and their cuisines, and you’re bound to come back enriched.While discovering Silchar, you have a few options for local transport. Auto-rickshaws are the most readily available mode of transport, but remember to fix the fare before boarding one. Buses are also available but are not too comfortable. Taxis are more common around the railway stations and airport. Private cars and taxis can also be hired from your hotel to look around at peace.Silchar is prone to floods so avoid going there during the monsoon

Connectivity Information

Reaching Silchar By Flight

Silchar is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Silchar Airport

Reaching Silchar By Train

There is no regular trains to Silchar from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Haflong which is located at a distance of 43kms.

Railway Station(s): Lower Haflong , Haflong Hill