How to reach Shimla

Red-roofed houses dot the mist-laden hills of Shimla, as men, women and children, bundled up in mufflers and woolen caps go about their business. Wide, open boulevards are filled with giggling children and throngs of families, as the majestic snow-clad mountains watch over

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The sun then retires behind the peaks, and the moon hovers brightly above, lighting up the entire town. It is no wonder then that Shimla is one of India’s favorite holiday destinations.Known as the summer capital of the erstwhile British Raj and the current capital of Himachal Pradesh, the colonial hangover is clearly still strong in Shimla, what with the imposing colonial buildings and street names that are oh-so English-sounding. With its pleasantly cold weather, the English regarded it as a home away from home, fleeing there every summer to escape the heat and humidity of the Indian plains. Post-independence, Shimla retained its position as a popular escape, but it also began welcoming Indian tourists. It has grown to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Evergreen Mall road is a buzzing locale of food and fun that speaks volumes about the spirit of this hill town. With a mug of hot cocoa next to a fireplace, watching the town go by, Shimla will seem like the home you’ve been looking for.From touring the heritage buildings and monuments in Shimla to trekking up the slopes of the Himalayas, there is plenty to do here. Take a guided tour of the castle, the Viceregal Lodge and the churches to marvel at the old-school architecture that has weathered time and the elements.Shimla doesn't disappoint travelers who are on a spiritual quest, with its abundance of Hindu temples, while those looking to reconnect with nature can pack a picnic basket and head to the Ridge or Glenn for a day of fun amidst nature, lush green grass, babbling brooks and stunning waterfalls.Shopping enthusiasts will also find lots to do in Shimla, with its skilled artisans and craftsmen producing a wide range of handicrafts, mirrored and zardozi shawls, and intricately carved jewelry. Your best bet to find everything in one place is undoubtedly Mall Road.Adventure tourism may be at odds with the idea of idyllic, relaxing, countryside picnics, but Shimla somehow manages to accommodate tourists inclined towards these divergent ideas. A number of trekking trails, adventure tours and homestays are available for those who want to explore the depths of the mountains and the wilderness.Enjoyable with family or friends, or even as a solo traveler, Shimla is a must-visit for all.Buses ply through the city regularly. Cabs and rickshaws are also available, but the frequency of these is low. You could also hire a private taxi to get around the city, but the best way to explore Shimla is on footAvoid littering; for obvious reasons locals don’t take too kindly to it.Don’t buy products that have been made from endangered animals—it threatens the ecosystem, encourages poaching and could also get you in trouble

Connectivity Information

Reaching Shimla By Flight

Shimla is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Chandigarh at a distance of 59kms.

Airports: Chandigarh Airport

Reaching Shimla By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Shimla from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Simla , Summer Hill