How to reach Rohtak

The buzzing streets of Rohtak, often flanked by old structures housing street-side shops and noisy workshops huddled together, possess a distinct charm that lures travelers. As you move further, through the wide avenues, lush green parks, and the age-old ruins of ancient monuments, this charm only multiplies

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Though the era of its glory days is long past, the traces of its splendid history are rife throughout Rohtak. The enchanting tales of mythology and folklore add a mystic appeal to it, making this quaint city irresistible to travelers.Located at a distance of about 70 km from New Delhi, Rohtak is considered to be the political capital of Haryana. It is believed that the city existed during the Vedic era of Mahabharata when it was known as Rohitaka. Archeological evidence links the city to the Indus Valley Civilization. A number of refugees settled here during the partition of 1947 thereby enriching the city with a vivid blend of Jat and Haryanvi cultures.Rohtak boasts of several delightful attractions that are bound to capture the fancy of travelers. The city has much to offer to art and architecture lovers in the form of its ancient ruins. It also has numerous sacred sites, especially of the Hindu and Sikh faiths that allow you to explore your spirituality. With a number of natural sites located in and around the city, Rohtak is a treat for nature lovers. You can relax and unwind in the serene, verdant environs of the city’s many parks.A true experience of Rohtak is incomplete without getting a glimpse of the city's local culture. A great way to gain this experience is by partaking in the festive celebrations when the folk arts are performed with gusto. Some of the popular religious festivals of Rohtak include Lohri, Teej, Baisakhi, and Gangore. Fairs such as Manasi Devi Mela, Gopal-Mochan Fair, and Sanjhi Mela are when the folk songs and dances of the native Jat community are performed.Another great way to explore Rohtak is through its markets, which perfectly depict the day-to-day local lifestyle in the city. Needless to mention, these are also ideal places for gathering some souvenirs of your visit. You can shop for handmade clay toys, earthenware, and hand-embroidered fabrics at popular spots such as Ramkali Market and Palika Bazaar among others. The streets are also ideal locations for the city’s famous sweets gajak and rewari.There is no dearth of local transport for traveling from one point to another in Rohtak. Auto-rickshaws are the most popular means for traveling within the city as they are easily accessible as well as affordable. Public buses are another cost-effective mode of local transport. Taxis and private cars are available through various rental services in the city. These are especially recommended for tourists as they are a hassle-free way of moving around Rohtak.Ladies are advised against traveling alone in the city, or using crowded public transport as the safety of women is a major concern in RohtakTraditional clothing is recommended while visiting religious places

Connectivity Information

Reaching Rohtak By Flight

Rohtak is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in New Delhi at a distance of 62kms.

Airports: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Reaching Rohtak By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Rohtak from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Rohtak Jn