How to reach Rajkot

Rajkot is perhaps one of the prime examples of what Gujarat has come to represent today—deep rooted culture that seamlessly blends with progress and technological advancement. One of the most beautiful cities in the state, a visit to Rajkot is a must if you are heading to Gujarat

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Rajkot was formerly part of the state of Saurashtra post independence, after which it was merged into the Bombay district. Later, it became part of the state of Gujarat. One of Rajkot’s biggest sources of pride and joy is the fact that Mahatma Gandhi lived here during his childhood years.The city encompasses the traditional Gujarati way of life—colorful, lively and cultural. Women in bright Gujarati saris and men in flowing kurtas digging into the typical Gujarati fare are a common sight in the city. With many historical sites, as well as swanky new structures, spirited celebrations of its many festivals, and hospitable population, Rajkot provides a lovely, wholesome experience to tourists.Rajkot has a number of architectural marvels and vibrant markets to explore. If you consider yourself a patriot, you should head straight to the museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi that once served as his home. Here you will find preserved artifacts and manuscripts, saved from the great freedom fighter’s childhood.If you are a shopping enthusiast, Rajkot will not disappoint as there are plenty of markets spread across the city. Rajkot is mainly known for its jewelry and textiles, and you are bound to find an abundance of local wares at most of the regional markets. They are perfect for shoppers looking for local merchandise to take back home as souvenirs and gifts.Jubilee Garden and the Aji Dam are idyllic locations for picnics, so head there to kick back and relax. Pack a picnic basket of those famous traditional Gujarati snacks and head to one of these places with your loved ones for a day of fun.There are a number of temples in and around the city, so there’s plenty to see if you are a religious or spiritual traveler. The one that stands out the most perhaps is the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, with its striking red brick building. The Gebanshah Pir Dargah and the Swaminarayana Temple are other noteworthy sites.Auto-rickshaws and buses are the most commonly used and convenient modes of transport, within the city of Rajkot. Auto-rickshaws run through the day and night and can get you almost anywhere in the city. The state recently launched AC buses, which are fast becoming popular and offer a comfortable, yet affordable alternative. You can also hire a private taxi or car to get to the various sites within the city.Be careful when buying jewelry in Rajkot. Always buy from registered jewelers and stores. Take care of your belongings, especially at crowded tourists places.Rajkot summers are characterized by dry and scorching heat. If visiting during this season, always stay hydrated and avoid venturing out in the afternoons, as far as is possible

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Reaching Rajkot By Flight

Rajkot is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Rajkot Airport

Reaching Rajkot By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Rajkot from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Bhakti Nagar , Rajkot Jn