How to reach Rajapalayam

Best known for the scenic beauty of the Ayyanar Waterfalls, Rajapalayam may not be on every traveler’s bucket list, but it offers a multitude of spectacular views, myriad flora and fauna, and a number of ancient temples built in the traditional Tamil style of architecture.Rajapalayam is a small town in Tamil Nadu that is believed to have derived its name from its original inhabitants, who were called the Rajus

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After the gory battle of Talikota, many of these people moved to this area and set up their community. Since then, the region is called Rajapalayam. With agriculture as their main source of revenue, Rajapalayam has, over the years, grown into a prosperous area.The Ayyanar forest in Rajapalayam is best known for the many hills, rivers, streams, waterfalls and a temple, which attracts many people from all over the country. Adventure enthusiasts can choose to go for treks among the stunning natural scenery. There is a dam as well as a water reservoir here. Both provide water for the settlers in the region.Another natural spot that is a favorite with locals and tourists is the Sanjeevi Hills, which is adorned at the top with a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. There is a mythological legend also attached to these hills, where Lord Hanuman carried the entire range on his shoulders to awaken an unconscious Lakshman. The giant rock, a natural archaeological phenomenon, is another major attraction here.The Shenbagathoppu Meenvetti Parai Falls and the nearby Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary are two more beautiful places in this small town that are perfect for a day spent amidst nature with your friends and family.For those looking for some religious salvation, the Vallakattu Karrapuswamy Temple in the middle of the Ayyanar forest is a beautiful place of worship. Saturdays are when the temple gets really crowded as devotees vie for prasad distributed by the temple authorities. Government and private buses are fairly easily available within the town, and will take you to nearby regions as well. Auto-rickshaws are also a popular mode of transport amongst the locals. For a relaxed, wholesome experience, hire a private taxi or car from a local rental to go sightseeing at your own pace.Rajapayalam is a small town where the people are quite conservative. Dress and behave appropriately and avoid attracting unwanted attention.As most things shut down at nightfall, avoid stepping out after dark

Connectivity Information

Reaching Rajapalayam By Flight

Rajapalayam is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Madurai at a distance of 73kms.

Airports: Madurai Airport

Reaching Rajapalayam By Train

There is no regular trains to Rajapalayam from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Virudhunagar which is located at a distance of 46kms.

Railway Station(s): Virudunagar Jn

Hotels in Rajapalayam