How to reach Rajahmundry

The freely flowing sacred water, the sound of devotees praying, the melodious sound of the temple bells and the mantras being read by the priests, Rajahmundry is a beautiful and soul-lifting place to visit. Along with the religious touch, the city is known for its association with the culture and history of the state--Rajahmundry, with River Godavari flowing to the west, is the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh and has one of India’s longest rail bridges

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The city has a history that dates back to the 11th Century, to the rule of the Chalukya king Raja Raja Narendra. The waters of River Godavari are sacred and the locals of the city are devotees of Lord Shiva.Rajahmundry experiences a tropical climate with December and January being the most pleasant months and, hence, the best time to visit the city.The main tourist spots in this city are the temples, the museum, the Godavari River and the Godavari River Bridge. Some of the greatest temples in our country are situated in Rajahmundry. The ISKCON temple, which is the third largest one in South India, is situated here. The temple, located on the banks of River Godavari, has various deities and idols showing the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It also has the Markandeya and Kotillingeshwara temples in which the presiding deities are of Lord Shiva.The Godavari River, which is the second largest river in India after the Ganga, has its widest point in Rajahmundry. Across River Godavari lies the Godavari Bridge, which is a popular tourist spot in the city. The bridge was initially built in 1900, but in 1997 the bridge that is now called the Old Godavari Bridge was decommissioned and a New Godavari Bridge was built. The Godavari Bridge is one of India’s longest rail bridges. One can even enjoy a boat ride in the river.Rajahmundry is also home to the Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum, which speaks clearly and in depth about the culture and history of the state. From coins and sculptures to pottery inscriptions and manuscripts on palm leaves, all the artifacts are well presented and kept carefully. The works of pottery add a beautiful and artistic touch to the museum. The museum was founded in the year 1967 and has been maintained well—it is a must-visit while in the city.With so many things to do in the city and all the places to visit, Rajahmundry should be visited when heading southward of the country.Buses and shared auto-rickshaws are easily available throughout the city. You can opt to rent a car or hire a private taxi in order to travel around the city in comfort and at your own pace.Dress appropriately while visiting the numerous places of worship.Take care of your personal belongings, especially when visiting croded tourist spots.Do not carry a lot of cash or expensive and precious jewelry when you’re roaming around the city

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Reaching Rajahmundry By Flight

Rajahmundry is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Rajahmundry Airport

Reaching Rajahmundry By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Rajahmundry from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Rajamundry