How to reach Pollachi

Since ancient times, Pollachi has been recognized as a prosperous bazaar that combines great natural wealth. Pollachi is fairly close to the city of Coimbatore and the Western Ghats, and this becomes the biggest draw for tourists

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Its vast fields of coconuts and vegetables are extremely inviting. The town markets are always alive with cattle, traders and agricultural products. But jaggery dominates as Pollachi remains one of the biggest Asian markets for this cane juice product. You are in South India, of course, so you are never far from ancient temples. Pollachi has its fair share of sacred spots, too, along with religious festivals such as Saraswathy Pooja during Navaratri and Pongal. Google images of Pollachi and you will realize why the South Indian film industry is partial to this city. Make sure you arrive between the months of December and February so as to experience Pollachi’s natural riches.The dense green setting of Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect for spending your entire day. Established near the lush Western Ghats and at a height of about 1,400 meters from the sea level, this sanctuary experiences pleasant climate throughout the year. It also gives access to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. The overwhelming greenery here is home to a thriving wildlife, including pangolins, jackals, porcupines, deer, elephants, and flying squirrels. Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is also referred to as the Indira Gandhi National Park.Aliyar Dam is another superb attraction close to Pollachi. Visitors can experience a marvelous view of the Anamalai Range, a theme park, an aquarium and a garden.The town of Pollachi is known for many ancient religious sites. Pollachi Ayyappan Temple is dedicated to the Ayyappan deity. It was constructed in 1970 and is said to have numerous similarities with another sacred site in Pollachi, the temple of Sabarimala Ayyappan. Take a tour of the Alagunachi Amman Temple for its centuries-old architecture.Traveling by road is convenient in Pollachi. The town has several efficient transportation modes. Most neighboring towns can be accessed by buses and taxis. Regular buses offer a comfortable journey from Pollachi to Palani Hills, Hosur, Ooty and Coimbatore.Though festivals in this town are usually safe, female travelers must still try to conceal their jewelry and other valuable belongings at public places.Stay alert at crowded places because of the risks of pick-pocketing and chain-snatching

Connectivity Information

Reaching Pollachi By Flight

Pollachi is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore at a distance of 41kms.

Airports: Coimbatore International Airport

Reaching Pollachi By Train

There is no regular trains to Pollachi from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Coimbatore which is located at a distance of 40kms.

Railway Station(s): Coimbatore Jn , Podanur Jn , Coimbatore Nrth