How to reach Panipat

Laced in legends of wars and victories, Panipat has a nostalgic charm to it. The formidable historical monuments that flank the city, take you back to the eras of mighty emperors and fortresses

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Although rich in history, you will also encounter a bright and colorful culture that is overwhelming and enchanting at the same time. The playful banter and lively demeanor of the Haryanvis, greatly enriches the city with a genial spirit. A brilliant mesh of converging cultures with the blending identities of past and present, Panipat exudes a warmth that will certainly win you over.Panipat is popular for its historic legacy. While here, you can explore the different historic sites in the city. The Panipat Museum is worth visiting as is chronicles the history of this legendary city, right from the pre-historic period to the three renowned battles fought here. The marks of its past splendor survive even today in the form of the Old Fort. Other important historical monuments and sites include the Kabuli Shah Mosque, Kala Amb, and the tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi, among others. A number of important shrines belonging to different faiths such as the Devi Temple, Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar tomb, and Kabuli Shah Mosque, are also popular among tourists.The lively folk arts of Panipat, including music, dance and drama, are indeed a treat to every traveler. The Saang form of theater is a captivating blend of music and mythology. The thrilling performances of the Loor, Gugga, Ghumar, and Teej dance forms are certainly not to be missed. Renowned for its handlooms and traditional weaving community, the Panipat markets are excellent places to shop for cotton fabrics.There are numerous transport options in Panipat for getting around the city. Privately owned bus services are the locally preferred means of transport and these connect with all major routes within the city. Auto-rickshaws can be hailed directly from the streets and are convenient for getting to any part of the city. As they do not follow the metered fare system, you may have to negotiate the fare before getting in. Cycle-rickshaws are convenient when traveling to shorter distances. Tourists can also avail of taxi services that provide a slightly expensive, but comfortable travel option.Women are advised to dress in modest attire in public places to avoid uncomfortable stares.Traveling alone at night is not safe, especially for women, as the streets tend to be isolated

Connectivity Information

Reaching Panipat By Flight

Panipat is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in New Delhi at a distance of 92kms.

Airports: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Reaching Panipat By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Panipat from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Panipat Jn