How to reach Osmanabad

An ancient city, embellished with a rich historical legacy and a delightful cultural heritage, Osmanabad has an amenable air to it. This enormous Deccan city is where nature, history and culture all converge into an undeniably charming blend

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The historic marks of the many formidable dynasties that once ruled the city continue to survive, not only physically, but also in the many fascinating traditions of the local populace. The traditional folk arts, that thrive here even today, bathe the city in lively music and vivid colors. Located in the southern part of Maharashtra, the charming city also serves as the gateway to the Marathwada province.Known as a city of religious importance, shrines of different faiths can be found in Osmanabad. Temples dedicated to the different forms and incarnations of the Hindu Mother Goddess can be found across the city, drawing in large numbers of devotees every day. Some of the important shrines include the Tulja Bhavani Temple, Satwai Temple, and the Yedeshwari Devi Temple. Several important Jain pilgrimage sites, as well as mosques, in the region, add to its importance for religious pilgrims.The cultural side of Osmanabad is a grand treat to its visitors. Ruled by the Nizams as well as the Marathas, the heritage of the city is enriched with influences from both these cultures. This combined with its religious tradition, gives the city a rich and colorful hue. Festivals are usually celebrated with much enthusiasm and are often accompanied by fairs. Visit the city on these festive occasions to enjoy the exhilarating performances of traditional dance forms such as Lavni, Jogwa, and Gondhal. You can buy beautiful souvenirs of ethnic artifacts such as Mashru and Himroo handicrafts, and Warli paintings, among others.There are many local transport options for getting around in Osmanabad. Auto-rickshaws are the commonly used means of commuting within the city. Though they do not operate by the meter, the fares are affordable. You can also use city buses to commute in Osmanabad, but these tend to be uncomfortable and crowded during peak hours. You can also hire a private vehicle or car from one of the many car rentals in the city.Osmanabad does not have an active nightlife and most places shut by midnight.Summers tend to be extremely hot in Osmanabad. Make sure to carry cotton clothing, sunglasses, scarves, and other summer essentials when traveling to the city at this time of the year

Connectivity Information

Reaching Osmanabad By Flight

Osmanabad is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Aurangabad at a distance of 198kms.

Airports: Aurangabad Airport

Reaching Osmanabad By Train

There is no regular trains to Osmanabad from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Solapur which is located at a distance of 59kms.

Railway Station(s): Solapur Junction , Bale