How to reach Nadiad

Nadiad in the Kheda district of Gujarat is known for its beautiful places of worship, especially for the Hindu and Christian faiths. It is believed that the region was first inhabited by rope dancers

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Nadiad was also once referred to as Nandgam, Natapadra and Natpur. Nadiad, today, is one of Gujarat’s most important trade centers and the district’s largest and busiest town.Nadiad has been ruled by many dynasties, of which the most influential ones have been the Muslim rulers and the Gayakwad royal family. They left behind in their wake temples and dargahs that still remain important religious and tourist destinations today. If you’re heading to Gujarat, stop by at Nadiad for a day or two to experience the local culture and warmth of the people’s hospitality. Famous for its carvings, the Santram Mandir located at Nadiad is a popular religious and tourist destination in the town. The main temple edifice is over 40 meters high and has religious inscriptions engraved on its inner walls. There are a number idols and shrines within the complex, which is why the temple crowded throughout the year.The Mahadev Mandir, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is another temple you should visit in Nadiad. The temple is over 700 years old, and the architecture and the inscriptions on the walls are worth checking out.Other temples in the town worth visiting include the 250-year-old Mahakali Mata Mandir, the Narayandev Mandir and the Bhairav Mandir. The Methodist Church, which is over 100 years old, is also well known and visited by many tourists.Nadiad is a major trading center for Indian spices so while you’re visiting Nadiad, you should pick up some to take home.Local private and state-run buses are easily available throughout Nadiad and can take you to places in and around Gujarat as well. Auto-rickshaws are also available to travel within the town. You can hire a private taxi or car and go sightseeing at your own pace and convenience. You can explore Nadiad and then move on to other cities across the state.Nadiad is a small, conservative town so dress and behave appropriately, especially when visiting the various temples and places of worship. Avoid attracting unwanted attention to yourself.Gujarat is a dry state so avoid indulging in alcohol while visiting Nadiad.

Connectivity Information

Reaching Nadiad By Flight

Nadiad is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ahmedabad at a distance of 47kms.

Airports: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Reaching Nadiad By Train

There is no regular trains to Nadiad from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Anand which is located at a distance of 16kms.

Railway Station(s): Anand Jn