How to reach Muktsar

Once a prosperous kingdom of the Indian Muslim rulers, Muktsar, today, is a small Hindu and Sikh town that is perfectly comfortable with its current status, resilient to the onslaught of urban development and industrialization. This perhaps, is what lends Muktsar its distinctive charm and character

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Surprisingly, little is known about the ancient history of the region, perhaps because it is located on the banks of the River Sutlej. River Sutlej is known for constantly changing its course, which is why, Muktsar probably did not even exist in its current form until a few centuries ago.Medieval history suggests that the Muslim rulers had a long and successful reign here, but Indian independence saw a huge exodus of the local Muslim population. Since then, Muktsar has largely been inhabited by Hindus and Sikhs, its landscape dotted with temples and gurudwaras, its people celebrating its own culture and festivals, in their own, unique ways.What stands out the most in Muktsar’s landscape is the striking and highly revered Gurudwara Tuti Gandi Sahib. Built in the mid-18th century, this gurudwara, along with its holy pool, is a breathtaking and calming place to visit. There are a number of other gurudwaras in close proximity as well, thus making it easy to take in all of the sights.Hindu temples such as the Durga Mandir, and the Shiv Temple have also been around for eons and are worth visiting. The historic Jama Masjid mosque in Muktsar, complete with beautiful minarets and domes, is another religious site of historical importance.Cycle-rickshaws, shared auto-rickshaws, and local buses are easily available, but traveling in a hired car or taxi would be a lot more convenient and comfortable.Crime rates are fairly high in Muktsar. Ideally, travel in a group. Women should not roam around alone.Muktsar is fairly conservative, so behave and dress appropriately.

Connectivity Information

Reaching Muktsar By Flight

Muktsar is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Lahore at a distance of 117kms.

Airports: Allama Iqbal International Airport

Reaching Muktsar By Train

There is no regular trains to Muktsar from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Abohar which is located at a distance of 46kms.

Railway Station(s): Abohar

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