How to reach Margao

From gushing sea-waves at serene beaches to the buzzing activity of the local markets and quaint structures reviving the past; Margao is a bustling concoction of nature, history, and tradition. Bedecked with charming old colonial mansions and elegant churches, the city basks in nostalgia that is apparent in every aspect

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A major town in South Goa, Margao has a history that precedes the Portuguese invasion. Known as ‘Madgaon’ it was a prominent Hindu pilgrimage housing several Vaishnava temples. Today the local culture is a lively amalgamation of Konkani and Portuguese flavors. Retaining its traditional charm, Margao is also recognized as an important hub for trade and commerce in Goa.An exciting blend of cultural and commercial delights, Margao has no dearth of exciting activities for travelers. You can enjoy the quintessential beach experience on the beautiful coast of Margao. The Colva Beach is among the most popular beaches in the city and attracts tourists in large numbers. With a hoard of leisure activities lining its shores, the fun here does not cease even at night. The Benaulim, Mobor, and Majorda are among the other noteworthy beaches in the city.You can explore the city’s historical past by visiting the many reminders of its age-old legacy. The Church of the Holy Spirit, a 17th century structure is an excellent specimen of the Goan Baroque architectural style. Largo de Igreja is an old neighborhood where you can gaze at original Portuguese mansions.With its identity as a market town, Margao is indeed a shopper’s paradise. The local street markets are filled with artistic traditional handicrafts such as woodwork, pottery articles, straw bags, sea-shell jewelry, and much more.Being a popular tourist destination, Margao boast several easy means of local transport. The unique motorcycle taxi is the most commonly used means of traveling within the city. City buses are also easily available at various points in the city. Though scarce in number, auto-rickshaws are also available in some areas. You can also rent scooters or motorcycles of your choice to drive around the town at your convenience.Beware of touts around markets or popular tourist attraction who may try to extort money from you under the pretext of being your guide or other such services.While shopping, be sure to bargain as the initial rates quoted tend to be high, especially for tourists

Connectivity Information

Reaching Margao By Flight

Margao is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Goa at a distance of 18kms.

Airports: Goa International Airport

Reaching Margao By Train

There is no regular trains to Margao from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Goa which is located at a distance of 16kms.

Railway Station(s): Thivim , Karmali , Madgaon

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