How to reach Malerkotla

Studded with magnificent structures that narrate the tales of its glorious past, Malerkotla is a wonderful concoction of history, traditions, and heritage. Enriched by the historical influences of its legendary rulers, it boasts of a thriving culture, full of color and life

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Home to a large Muslim population which h forms the majority, it presents a harmonious blend of several communities including the Hindu and Sikh residents. Located in the Sangrur district of Punjab, it is among the largest cities in the state. Known as a place of historical significance, it was established by the Afghan ruler Sheikh Sadruddin-i-Jahan in the 15th century. It is historically recognized for being a rare scene of communal harmony during the partition in 1947. A hub of agriculture and small-scale industries, this genial town is sure to charm you.The city houses numerous monuments worth visiting for their cultural and historical significance. Located at the city’s center point, Sheesh Mahal was the royal abode of the Nawab of Malerkotla and is known for its aesthetic appeal. The Mubarak Mahal is a 19th century palace built in the beautiful European architectural style. The Nanakshahi Brick fort and Kaccha Fort are among the other prominent historical sites in Malerkotla.The city’s religious legacy is equally rich. The Jama Masjid is a popular shrine built during the era of Nawabs. It is known both as a place of worship and as a magnificent artistic structure. You can also visit the several Eidgahs spread across the city which represent the modern Islamic style of architecture. The Hanuman Mandir is a popular Hindu shrine in the city.Plan your visit to Malerkotla during the several fairs and festivals celebrated here. Popular celebrations include the Mela Hazrat Sheikh Sadruddin held in the honor of the city’s founder. The Shaheedi Mela Malerkotla commemorates the martyrdom of 66 Sikh Namdharis who were a part of the anti-cow slaughter movement against the British.Local transport in Malerkotla mainly consists of buses and auto-rickshaws. Buses are available for traveling through the major routes around the city. Auto-rickshaws are a convenient way of traveling to any part of the city. If you prefer traveling at your own pace, you can hire a private vehicle from one of the fleet owners.Avoid visiting Malerkotla during summers as it experiences extremely hot weather during this season.It is important to follow the dressing norms such as wearing head scarves while visiting places of worship

Connectivity Information

Reaching Malerkotla By Flight

Malerkotla is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ludhiana at a distance of 36kms.

Airports: Ludhiana Airport

Reaching Malerkotla By Train

There is no regular trains to Malerkotla from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Ludhiana which is located at a distance of 41kms.

Railway Station(s): Ludhiana Jn , Dhandari Kalan

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