How to reach Madurai

A burst of vivid, bright colors meets your eyes as the tingle and chime of temple bells takes over your senses. Vibrant, mythical, chaotic and soulful, Madurai is like no other city in India

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The ancient structures of temples and palaces adorning the cityscape would make sky-scrappers fade in comparison. Decked with marvelous edifices dating back centuries, the city has its own rhythm. Unhurried, tranquil and graceful, lose yourself in the streets of this beautiful city to discover the divine. While the rest of the country paces ahead at break-neck speed, here you can slow down to enjoy the gentle breeze, the music of devotional hymns and the fragrance of ritualistic flowers. Amidst all the chaos of technology and development, the whispers of mythological legends continue to circulate in this prosperous medieval city.The city of Madurai is a live manifestation of the prosperous Tamil culture, its traditions, customs, colors and beliefs. An ancient city and the seat of the mighty Pandya and Nayaka dynasties, Madurai has been thriving since the medieval era. Visit Madurai and be charmed by the magic that continues to reign here.Madurai with its many charms has a store of experiences to make your stay here memorable. Experience the divine power as you traipse through the city visiting its many temples most of them with hundreds of years behind them. Having been the seat of royalty for centuries, Madurai boasts of several palaces and castles that you can visit. Or you may simply choose to explore the city’s rich culture by exploring the small alleys and narrow streets of the city. With the number of temples and religious sites in the city, it is natural that festivals and celebrations are celebrated with joy in Madurai. The coronation festival of the patron Goddess Meenakshi, known as Meenakshi Thirukalyanam is celebrated in a 12-day extravaganza during the month of April. Another important celebration is that of her wedding to Lord Shiva in a festival named Chithirai Thiruvizha.With plenty to offer, the city is a delight for shoppers as well. Madurai specializes in textiles, handicrafts and jewelry. You can buy fine handloom and hand-woven sarees or the popular tie-and-dye sarees known as Sungudi here. Handicrafts and woodcraft items with intricate carvings make for beautiful souvenirs to take home. You can also shop for antiques made from bronze and copper in the street markets. Some of the popular market areas are the North and West Chithirai Roads, the Meenakshi Temple entrance road and so on. The temples themselves are excellent places to buy souvenirs such as earthen idols of deities known as 'Golu Dolls'. The Madurai Malligai variety of fragrant jasmine flowers is very popular and can be bought from the streets.Auto-rickshaws ply to different parts of the city and are easily available on the streets. The most convenient way of traveling here however is by hiring a private cab. A number of car rentals offer you options in luxury or non-luxury cars as per your convenience. With adequate documents, cars are also available for driving through the city on your own.Beware of touts near the temples and other tourist spots.Madurai is a religious city. It is important to respect the norms and dress conservatively when visiting religious places

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Reaching Madurai By Flight

Madurai is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Madurai Airport

Reaching Madurai By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Madurai from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Madurai Jn