How to reach Madikeri

Resting against the verdant backdrop of soaring mountains and rolling valleys, the quaint hill town of Madikeri welcomes you with its smattering of cottages with red-tile roofs nestling on the mist-clad, sloping terrain. Walking along its steep and winding streets, you are lured by the tantalizing aromas of coffee beans and hot spices wafting in through the innumerous plantations stretching nearby

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The lively bustle of the local bazaars adds a tinge of animation and excitement to the otherwise serene natural setting.The capital city of the picturesque Coorg district in Karnataka, Madikeri also boasts of a rich historical legacy. Also known as Mercara, it acquired prominence during the 17th century when it was fortified by the Haleri ruler Muddurajakeri. It was subsequently conquered by Tipu Sultan and then king Doddaveerarajendra, who re-established the Haleri stronghold over the city. With its disarming combination of natural beauty and a majestic cultural heritage, Madikeri is sure to charm you.Undeniably a marvelous abode of natural sights and vistas, Madikeri has much in store for travelers. Perched on a hill, it is an especial delight for nature lovers. You can explore the exotic flora and fauna nestling in its wilderness by enjoying some thrilling treks in and around Madikeri. The river Kaveri adds to Madikeri’s scenic appeal with majestic waterfalls while turning it into a haven for adventure lovers by providing an ideal arena for white-water rafting and other such sports.Unlike most places in India, the rainy season brings out the best in Madikeri. Not only does it augment the beauty of its already scenic sights, monsoon also invokes a festive spirit in the city. The harvest festival, Karaga, is celebrated with great fervor and brings out the city’s cultural side. The occasion, graced by festive processions with the locals dressed in traditional attire and performing folk dances, is replete with camera-worthy moments.With a knack for delighting every traveler, Madikeri is also known for its shopping delights. Its production of coffee and spices makes it an ideal place to shop for the finest quality coffee beans, cardamom and pepper. You can also buy the famous Coorg honey and homemade chocolate at the local markets.Despite being a popular tourist destination, Madikeri lacks a local bus service for traveling within the city. Fortunately, it has been aptly replaced by the auto-rickshaws. You can easily hail any auto-rickshaw for traveling to most parts of the city. However, it is important to be acquainted with the general rates for the popular routes as drivers tend to cite higher fares to tourists. Taxis or rental cars are also frequently used for traveling in Madikeri and are often more comfortable.Beware of leeches and other insects at waterfalls and other natural sites, especially during monsoons.Avoid honking at or disturbing the elephants and wild animals you may come across while passing the forested areas.Exercise caution while driving along the hilly areas as the sudden, steep turns can be unsafe

Connectivity Information

Reaching Madikeri By Flight

Madikeri is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Mysore at a distance of 99kms.

Airports: Mysore Airport

Reaching Madikeri By Train

There is no regular trains to Madikeri from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Sakleshpur which is located at a distance of 58kms.

Railway Station(s): Sakleshpur

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