How to reach Machilipatnam

A town known by many names, Machilipatnam is located on the South-Eastern coast of India, in Andhra Pradesh. Its other names include Masulipatnam, Masula and Bandar

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The first known trading center, set up by the British East India Company, Machilipatnam continues to be a hub for various small-scale and agricultural industries such as carpet weaving. It is also important for the production and trade of scientific equipment, rice and oil. It is also well known for the beautiful paintings and Kalamkari textiles created by indigenous artists, many using vegetable dyes. The art, which attracted Arabs and other foreign traders back in the day, is known to have been introduced by the Qutub Shahi dynasty.Dotted by fishing villages, Machilipatnam gives visitors a peek into the life of a small South Indian town. Prone to cyclones and tsunamis due to its proximity to the sea, the town was ravaged by the 2004 Tsunami that hit South India and South East Asia. Nonetheless, the town made a quick recovery and the locals started rebuilding their homes and livelihoods in no time at all. Being a coastal town, blessed with rich culture and history, tourists will find plenty to do, when in Machilipatnam. The long coastline is dotted with numerous beaches that offer clean sands and gentle waters, making them perfect for tourists. Of particular interest to tourists is the Manginapudi beach, about 10 km off the main town, which has black soil instead of sand. The beach is also considered to be holy. Pilgrims often come here to take a dip and rid themselves of their sins, especially during the religious festival of Maghapurnami, before heading to the town’s various temples.The region also has an abundance of temples, making it popular with religious tourists. Vishwakarma Temple, the holy site of Dattashram, and the Pandaranga Swami Temples are just a few that showcase the stunning southern temple architecture. The old lighthouse near Dattashram is also popular with tourists, while the Buddhist stupa in Ghantasala and the 19th century Machilipatnam Church are also worth visiting. Auto-rickshaws are easily available throughout the city, but you can also use private city buses to get around. Taxis are the most comfortable, but they do not follow the meter. You can also use hand-pulled rickshaws for short distances.Be careful while swimming at the beaches.Always fix the fare before getting into the taxis

Connectivity Information

Reaching Machilipatnam By Flight

Machilipatnam is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Vijayawada at a distance of 52kms.

Airports: Vijayawada Airport

Reaching Machilipatnam By Train

There is no regular trains to Machilipatnam from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Tenali which is located at a distance of 51kms.

Railway Station(s): Tenali Jn

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