How to reach Koraput

As a thick curtain of mist dissipates, you will glimpse undulating hills, densely covered by forests, rolling meadows and deep valleys in serene Koraput. Situated in Odisha, Koraput has been blessed by nature with so much greenery that it will be a feast to your eyes

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Though development has taken place in the last few decades, Koraput remains a small tribal region tucked into the lap of nature, amidst vegetation that may intimidate the urban man.Koraput is largely inhabited by the Adivasis, a word that means ‘original inhabitants’. Though the tribals have moved ahead with changing times and accustomed themselves to the development made available to them, they hold onto to their roots, culture and tradition even today. Every Sunday, you will find the Adivasis selling agricultural produce in local markets called Haats. Koraput is also known for the many festivals it hosts, celebrating the region’s and people’s indigenous culture. The Dongar or Parab festival run by the district administration is one that attracts tourists from all over the world to experience and witness the local ethos.Koraput is a wonderland of beauty that would definitely appeal to the discerning world traveler.Koraput has a number of waterfalls, hills and valleys that make for great picnic spots for locals and tourists. The Duduma Waterfalls located at the beautiful Machkund range of mountains is a magnificent site that is worth the visit. Kolab River’s Bagra Waterfalls are another spectacular sight that will appeal to all nature lovers.Koraput is perhaps best known for the great Jagannath Temple which is also known as the Srabara Srikhetra. The most striking facet of this temple is that it is open to people of all walks and faiths. The Gupteshwar shrine and the Jain monastery at Nandapur are other notable religious spots that are worth visiting.Buses run by the state government are fairly easily accessible in Koraput. The best way to roam around and explore this region, however, would be to hire a private taxi with a tour guide and go sightseeing at your own paceKoraput is part of the Red Corridor, which is known for Naxal activity. Research thoroughly before planning your trip. Make sure you keep the numbers of the state tourism board handy in case you need help.Koraput is largely covered in forests so it becomes extremely dark after nightfall. Avoid heading out then

Connectivity Information

Reaching Koraput By Flight

Koraput is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Visakhapatnam at a distance of 130kms.

Airports: Vishakhapatnam Airport

Reaching Koraput By Train

There is no regular trains to Koraput from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Jagdalpur which is located at a distance of 82kms.

Railway Station(s): Jagdalpur

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