How to reach Jharsuguda

The town of Jharsuguda remains one of Odisha’s most prosperous places. While its mineral-rich land has made a number of industrial opportunities flourish here (presence of several thermal power plants has made the town the ‘powerhouse of Odisha’), tourists can also reap benefit from Jharsuguda’s many historical and geographical offerings

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The caves at Bikramkhol are a major attraction for their ancient lithography and rock paintings. The magnificent hill forts at Kolabira and Ulapgarh still stand as evidence of the power of ancient kings who once ruled over Jharsuguda. Tourists with a religious bent can look forward to exploring a number of scenic shrines here, including the Shiva’s temple at Mahadebpali, Pahadeswar Temple, Jhadeswar Temple, Ram Chandi and Padmasini Temple.The village of Banjari, about 25km from Jharsuguda, is famous for Bikramkhol Cave. Once part of an inaccessible forested area, these ancient caves were home to early human settlement. These caves bear witness to the evolution of the early humans, with ancient lithographs engraved in its interior. The inner walls of the cave are engraved with early animal paintings. The inhabitants of the time had carved out holes for storing food, dresses, weapons, tools and other articles.A stream called Ahiraj traverses through the Chhuikhanch forest before plunging from about 200 feet to create the mesmerizing Koilighughar waterfall. This picturesque location is about 55km from Jharsuguda, near Kushmelbahal village. There are two Shiva lingams near this fall, one that usually remains submerged inside the water from the fall, and the other which has been created for the pilgrims just outside the waterfall. Present near a local river, about 30km from Jharsuguda, is Chandi Mandir. The Chandipitha, or main shrine, is situated inside a rock cave. An iron staircase takes the visitors down to the main shrine.Jhadeswar Temple is yet another Shivalingam in Jharsuguda revered for being a Swayambhu (a Shivlingam that appears on its own from the earth). While the origins of this temple remain unknown, the structure has gone through renovation and expansion a number of times over the years. After worshipping at Jhadeswar Temple, pilgrims can be seen resting in a beautiful garden nearby.Travelers will find an efficient network of private buses, taxis and cars to cover most places in the city.Carry a light source inside the caves of Bikramkhol.Avoid damaging the walls of heritages sites like Bikramkhol Cave

Connectivity Information

Reaching Jharsuguda By Flight

Jharsuguda is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ranchi at a distance of 209kms.

Airports: Birsa Munda Airport

Reaching Jharsuguda By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Jharsuguda from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Jharsuguda Jn