How to reach Jabalpur

An ancient city, cradling a myriad of rich cultures and embellished with streaks of natural wonders, Jabalpur is a delight to any traveler. Its murmuring ‘chowks’ give way to an evolving network of industries while the majestic historical monuments in the city continue to thrive

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The River Narmada, following its perennial course lends the city a scenic quality with its splendid gorges with colorful marble rocks. Yet the most endearing aspect of the city is the people. Jabalpur reverberates with a warmth and geniality that emanates through the very hearts of its residents. Different cultures converge into a beautiful mélange as the people of different ethnicities from across India make this beautiful city their home.Jabalpur is one of the most prominent cities in Madhya Pradesh. It is also the largest city in the ‘Mahakaushal’ region of Central India. The city has a rich heritage reflecting the prosperous reign of the Gond dynasty during the 12th century. Its picturesque location and a number of historical sites have made Jabalpur a popular tourist destination. But Jabalpur has also carved an urban image for itself as one of the fastest developing industrial cities in India. With its colorful blend of culture, tradition, and modernity, Jabalpur promises you a memorable experience. The numerous communities residing in Jabalpur give the city its cosmopolitan nature and a vibrant culture. Its cultural diversity has earned it the sobriquet of ‘Sanskardhani’ meaning a cultural center place. Undoubtedly, the city has countless experiences for you to indulge in and enjoy. Go on a nature trail exploring its scenic surroundings along the River Narmada. History buffs can treat themselves with a tour of the city’s marvelous monuments bearing proofs of its historic legacy. A tour to the industrial quarters gives you a glimpse of the flourishing metal industry of Jabalpur.Apart from all the popular attractions, the best way to experience the city is by exploring the local lifestyle. Enter the local markets to shop for traditional handspun Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees. Handmade jute crafts are also a specialty of Jabalpur. While you are here, do not miss out on the delectable ‘khoye ki jalebi’ and 'rabri', whose sweet flavor lingers on long after you've savored the delicacy. Festive occasions are a great reflection of the city's rich customs and traditions. The traditional dance forms of Karma, Matki, Giridaand and Phulpati are an integral part of the celebrations. The Karma, a Gond dance form is associated with fertility and is usually performed in the month of August.One of the largest cities in Madhya Pradesh, traveling in Jabalpur is fairly easy due to the number of transport options available. The most common mode of traveling within the city is the cycle-rickshaw as it allows you to conveniently navigate the city’s narrow lanes. For a more comfortable experience, you can rent a private taxi from the numerous car rentals and fleet owners in the city.It is best to stay indoors after dark as the city is not known for its nightlife.Pack light cotton clothes if traveling during summer.It is also advisable to carry mosquito repellents to guard against mosquito bites

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Reaching Jabalpur By Flight

Jabalpur is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Jabalpur Airport

Reaching Jabalpur By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Jabalpur from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Jabalpur , Madan Mahal , Bargi