How to reach Gumla

Majestic mountains garbed in dense green wilderness, streaked with waterfalls gushing over rocky cliffs, form a stunning background against with the quaint town of Gumla with its settlement making a charming presence. Its rich cultural legacy woven with fascinating legends from history and religion only add to the appeal of its mesmerizing natural beauty

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Its vibrant tribal culture fills the city with color and verve on festive occasions such as Karma and Sarhul. The name ‘Gumla’ is believed to have been derived from the local Mundari language. With its exquisite natural sights and alluring traditions, Gumla promises to be a memorable experience.Endowed with immense natural beauty, Gumla is home to a number of picturesque sites. Treat yourself to the breathtaking sights at the Baghmunda Waterfall in Basia, and the Taraloya Waterfall. The Bisra Munda Agro Park is another place of great scenic as well as educational value.Gumla is also the ideal destination for travelers on a spiritual trail. Pay tribute to Lord Hanuman at the Anjani Cave and visit the Jagannath Shrine near Nagfeni. The temples of Lord Shiva in Taginath and Dewaki are also worth visiting.History enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the city’s legendary past at the Nagwanshi Fort in the Sisai region.There are various convenient means of local transport available for traveling in Gumla. City buses ply on all the major routes in and around the city. It is especially popular among the local commuters due to low fares. Auto-rickshaws are also commonly used for traveling within the city. Tourists can also hire a taxi or a private vehicle for traveling in Gumla.Avoid visiting during summer to escape the extreme heat that the city experiences.Travelers are advised against venturing out alone at night

Connectivity Information

Reaching Gumla By Flight

Gumla is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Ranchi at a distance of 84kms.

Airports: Birsa Munda Airport

Reaching Gumla By Train

There is no regular trains to Gumla from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Ranchi which is located at a distance of 84kms.

Railway Station(s): Ranchi Road , Ranchi , Hatia , Namkon

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