How to reach Firozabad

Enter any of the local markets in Firozabad, and you will think that you have stepped into a life-size kaleidoscope. Indeed, as the bright sunlight hits the elegantly crafted glass articles put on display here, the streets begin to blaze with their colorful glimmer

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As you move along, a sudden nostalgia, brought on by the magnificent historical monuments that decorate the city, takes over. Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh has been named after Feroze Shah Mansab, a Mughal general who salvaged the city from the bandits inhabiting it. The ancient city is a brilliant example of a blending heritage and modernization that gives way to a beautiful, vibrant culture.With a long historical tradition of different rulers and dynasties, there are many noteworthy sites in Firozabad. The two Ashokan Sandstone Pillars installed in the city by the ruler Feroze Shah Tughlaq are of archeological importance. The 14th century Kalan Mosque is another site of historical and religious importance, where devotees worship even today. The ancient Jain pilgrimage, Marsalganj Jain Temple is another important place of worship in Firozabad. The large and aesthetically pleasing temple structure is regarded as an architectural masterpiece.It is impossible to leave Firozabad without exploring its lively and colorful markets. Glassware is a specialty of the city, where you can purchase innumerable, innovative glass articles. Bright, colorful glass bangles and other items of jewelry are also popular. You can also buy artistic glass showpieces and collectibles such as tree models, replicas of gods, candle stands, crockery and so on. Some of the important market areas to find these include Azad Market, Shastri Market and Sadar Market.There are multiple ways of getting around the city in Firozabad. Public and private bus services ply on major routes and are preferred local means for commuting to workplaces. If you do not mind the peak- hour rush, hop on board to experience the local lifestyle firsthand. Equally exciting, but relatively more comfortable is hailing an auto-rickshaw from the streets. But as the drivers do not follow a metered fare system, it is important to settle on a price before getting in. Pre-paid taxis and radio taxis provide more comfortable ways of traveling within Firozabad.Beware of pickpockets in crowded public transport such as buses and trains.Ladies, avoid traveling alone at night as the streets may not be safe at this time.Avoid traveling during summer to escape the extreme heat

Connectivity Information

Reaching Firozabad By Flight

Firozabad is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Agra at a distance of 42kms.

Airports: Agra Airport

Reaching Firozabad By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Firozabad from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Firozabad