How to reach Dibrugarh

Tea-aholics, beware—Dibrugarh is the city in which you will lose all self control. Known as the tea city of the North East, Dibrugarh will turn even the non tea drinker into a lover, with its spectacular sprawling tea gardens and massive tea production units

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Situated close to the Kaziranga National Park, Diburgarh is also a haven of flora and fauna. Further, the fact that this city is situated on the banks of the great Brahmaputra River means you can take a fun, relaxed ferry ride down the ebbing waters, while watching the greenery pass by.Dibrugarh is Assam’s largest city and an important economic and commercial hub. It is a major producer of tea, oil, fertilizers and has a thriving cottage industry that excels in wood and bamboo furniture and products as well as cotton weaves. This can only mean one thing—get ready to shop to your heart’s content in Dibrugarh.With a number of tourist attractions, warm, lovely people and delectable food, Dibrugarh promises to creep into your heart within no time.A visit to one, if not all, of the tea estates while you’re in Dibrugarh is a given. Explore the fields, dress like the pickers, take tons of photos and drink cups and cups of delicious tea while you’re at it.Surrounded by rainforests and greenery, the region is home to a number of wildlife sanctuaries housing myriad flora and fauna that should be witnessed, especially by all nature enthusiasts. These include the Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, and the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary.Temples in Dibrugarh are both beautiful and religiously significant, and are on most visitor’s lists. Koli Aai Thaan and the Radha Krishna Temple are the ones you don’t want to miss. Fit in a trip to Namphake Town while you’re in Dibrugarh where there is a beautiful monastery, traditional stilt houses, a pagoda and lots more. Finally, if you’re in the city, make it a point to visit the Dols and Maidams, the traditional structures built by rulers of the Ahom Kingdom.There are, of course, a number of bus services that you can use while in Dibrugarh. Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are also common throughout the city. Taxis are usually available near the station and airport. Inside some of the sanctuaries, you can take jeeps or even hire elephants to move around.Women should particularly avoid roaming around post dark.

Connectivity Information

Reaching Dibrugarh By Flight

Dibrugarh is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Dibrugarh Airport

Reaching Dibrugarh By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Dibrugarh from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Dibrugarh Town , Dibrugarh