How to reach Deoghar

This little town in the green and picturesque surroundings of Jharkhand primarily draws a large number of Hindu pilgrims each year. As its name suggests (Deoghar means ‘the home of the gods’), deities here seem to outnumber the locals

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But the town gets identified as ‘Baba Dham’ because of just one shrine--Baidyanath Temple. This ancient temple is highly revered for being one of the 12 main Shiva lingams in the country. In the months between July and August every year, millions of devotees of Shiva pack the narrow lanes of Deoghar to bathe their beloved Lord with holy Ganges water. The area nearby Deoghar is famous for Buddhist ruins. Today, this sacred town is home to several important colleges, hospitals and a leper asylum. Arrive here during the monsoon when you can take advantage of Deoghar’s lush greenery and indulge in typical holiday activities such as trekking, ropeway rides and boating.Apart from being the site of the sacred Baidyanath Shivalingam, the little town of Deoghar is counted among 51 Shaktipeeths in the country. According to mythology, Baidyanath temple is associated with demon king Ravana. While the actual date of its construction remains unknown, some portions of the current temple were built around 1596.A visit to Baba Baidyanath Dham is usually the purpose of most travelers. This ancient Shivlingam is said to be from the era of the demon king Ravana. While the city is crowded and chaotic during the months of Shravan festival, it is the best time to experience the deeply religious vibes of Deoghar.Shivganga is another site associated with Ravana. It is believed that the demon king himself created this pool as he was carrying the Baidyanath Shivlingam to Lanka. Not far from the main temple, this pool of water offers a tranquil atmosphere to visitors.Some of the prominent mountains here, such as Nandan Pahar and Trikut Pahar, attract travelers for trekking and ropeway rides to the top of the peaks. Water pools near these mountains become a picnic spot with facilities for boating.The local station, Baidyanath Dham, is connected to the central line of Jasidih Junction. The narrow lanes of this holy town are best traversed by auto- or cycle-rickshaws.Be respectful of the guidelines and customs of the holy sites.Travelers must negotiate a fare with the auto drivers before starting their journey

Connectivity Information

Reaching Deoghar By Flight

Deoghar is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Gaya at a distance of 178kms.

Airports: Gaya Airport

Reaching Deoghar By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Deoghar from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Deoghar