How to reach Dehradun

The soft rustle of tiny market stalls neatly lined along cobbled streets slowly materializes as the morning mist disperses, giving way to gentle rays of golden sunshine. Nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills, the serene city of Dehradun has a dreamy feel to it

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Walking through its lanes, a string of ancient cottages casts a nostalgic spell and takes you back to the colonial era. With the soothing cool breeze, the colorful interweaving of diverse cultures and the breathtaking milieu of mountains, this enchanting valley sways you.Situated in the region of Garhwal, Dehradun is the capital of Uttranchal. Nature has bestowed numerous wonders upon this northern city. Surrounded by the Shivalik Hills, and with the rivers Ganga and Yamuna flowing by, the Doon valley is jeweled with picturesque sights. A rich blend of numerous cultures gives a vibrant shade to this Himalayan gateway. Let Dehradun work its charm as you saunter around this marvelous city.From scenic views and enthralling experiences to delicious food, Dehradun has the key to every traveler’s heart. The waters of Ganga and Yamuna are sources of infinite delight for thrill seekers. Playing host to a variety of activities, including paragliding, skiing, angling and river-rafting, Dehradun is a haven for adventure tours. A hike along the hills of the mighty Shivalik range is highly recommended.Shoppers have much to delight them in Dehradun. The markets are brimming with brilliantly crafted handicrafts and woodcrafts. Paltan Bazaar and Rajpur Road are the popular market areas. You can shop for hand-knit warm clothes at the Tibetan Market.You can take a walk down memory lane and explore the city’s colonial mansions. The Doon valley also boasts of excellent educational institutes, such as The Doon School with illustrious alumni including Amitav Ghosh, Abhinav Bindra and so on.With references connecting it to the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Dehradun is also a popular destination for religious visits. Numerous festivals are celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm. The popular melas (festivals) Magh and Jhanda are a delightful time to visit the city.Buses and auto-rickshaws are easily available for traveling from one point to another within Dehradun. Another more popular way of traveling, unique to Dehradun, is the Vikram tempos. Accommodating up to eight passengers at one time, the Vikrams ply on fixed routes within the cities, charging extremely low fares. A Vikram ride is recommended to get a hands-on experience of the local lifestyle. As Dehradun is a relatively small city and the weather is pleasant, exploring the city on foot is also a viable option.Situated in a mountainous region, the winters in Dehradun can be extremely cold. It is advisable to carry warm clothes if traveling during winter. Traveling or driving at night on the steep hilly roads can be dangerous and is to be avoided. If you are visiting Dehradun during one of the festivals, ensure you guard your belongings in crowded areas due to risk of theft or loss

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Reaching Dehradun By Flight

Dehradun is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Dehradun Airport

Reaching Dehradun By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Dehradun from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Dehradun