How to reach Cuttack

From the magnificent monuments of old to the transient new structures of today; from the traffic-jammed roads to the dusty narrow streets; and from the bustling commercial spaces to the crowded marketplaces, every aspect of Cuttack exudes color and vibrancy. Standing tall through the rise and fall of many powerful dynasties, the city has been blessed by a timeless legacy that continues to thrive even today

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The vivid and bright cultural heritage of Cuttack is evident in every aspect. Right from its legendary landmarks to the age-old traditions, the city exudes a genial warmth that puts you at ease.One of the largest cities in Odisha, Cuttack is regarded as the cultural as well as trade hub of the state. The flourishing ground for numerous small-scale and traditional industries has geared its commercial development, earning it the title of the ‘Millennium City’. But the city’s claim to fame goes far back in history. Founded under the Keshari Dynasty in the 10th century AD and subsequently ruled by many luminous rulers, it is one of the oldest cities in India.Entrenched in tradition and boasting of a colorful culture, Cuttack awaits its visitors with a treasure trove of exciting experiences. You can relive the momentous history of the city with a tour of the majestic monuments that adorn the landscape. Ancient shrines dedicated to different religions and deities can be found throughout the city. The numerous formidable dynasties that once ruled the city have left their mark not just physically, but culturally too.You can catch the city in its cultural flavor during the various festivals celebrated here. The 10-day festival of Dussehra is an extravagant affair. Kali Puja is another occasion of enthused celebrations. The Bali Yatra festival commemorates the city’s traditional legacy. The ethnic artifacts are showcased on this occasion, which is considered to be among the largest trade fairs in Asia.Shoppers will find much to delight them at Cuttack. The city is known for intricate jewelry and other articles made using the traditional art of silver filigree. Handwoven cotton sarees embellished with rich patterns such as Bombaki, Ikat and Sambalpuri can be bought at the local markets.As one of the most important cities in Odisha, Cuttack has excellent transport facilities for traveling within the city. City buses operated by the government as well as private owners can be used for traveling to the major areas. Being the most affordable means of transport in Cuttack, buses are largely preferred by local commuters and tend to be overcrowded during peak hours. Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are easily available for moving within the city. If you prefer to travel in a more comfortable manner, you can hire a car or use the pre-paid taxi services.Check for the authenticity mark while shopping for silver jewelry and artifacts. Avoid buying precious articles from street vendors.Carry light cotton clothes and important accessories like scarves and sunglasses if you are visiting the city during summer

Connectivity Information

Reaching Cuttack By Flight

Cuttack is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar at a distance of 25kms.

Airports: Biju Patnaik Airport

Reaching Cuttack By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Cuttack from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Cuttack , Radhakishorepur