How to reach Chhindwara

Surrounded by picturesque natural locales echoing with a vibrant tribal culture that thrives amid its lush, green valleys, Chhindwara lures travelers from far and wide. Embellished with ancient remnants that are reminders of its legendary past, Chhindwara beautifully blends its traditions with the fresh wave of modernity

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It is, today, the sprawling hub of zinc, brass and metal industries in Madhya Pradesh. With its deep cultural roots and resounding natural beauty, blending into an evolving, modern city, while retaining a deep connect to its heritage and traditions, Chhindwara is a treat for every traveler.Chhindwara boasts of many noteworthy sites that are certainly worth visiting as tourist attractions. The Patalkoat, known for its stunning sights and mesmerizing natural beauty, is a popular site in Chhindwara. Enveloped by a dense forest cover and lush green landscapes, its offers some breathtaking views of the valley below, with the silvery stream of the river Doodh flowing in it. The Chota Mahadev Cave is another natural wonder worth visiting in the city. Housing the phallic image of Lord Shiva, a Shivling, it is a place of religious significance. It is also known for its beautiful natural surroundings of lush green hills and scenic waterfalls.Chhindwara is also known for its many cultural traditions. It is home to the ancient Bharia and Gond tribes. Visit the Tribal Museum of Chhindwara to get a glimpse of the age-old heritage in the form of artifacts, ornaments, replicas of houses and so on. Another witness of the city's historical heritage is the Devgarh Fort. Once the stronghold of the Gond rulers, it lies mostly in ruins but is worth a visit. The Amarwara and Lilahi Waterfalls are among the popular sites in Chhindwara.Places in Chhindwara are well connected by a network of local transport facilities. City buses ply on the major routes throughout the city. A convenient and inexpensive way of traveling around the city is on auto-rickshaws. Taxis can be easily hailed from the streets and are a more comfortable way of getting around. You can also hire private cars from car rentals or book a Radio Taxi for a tour around the city.Traveling to Chhindwara during summer is not recommended as the weather tends to be very hot and unsuitable for traveling.Auto-rickshaws and taxis here do not follow a fixed fare system. It is important to negotiate the price beforehand

Connectivity Information

Reaching Chhindwara By Flight

Chhindwara is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Nagpur at a distance of 107kms.

Airports: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport

Reaching Chhindwara By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Chhindwara from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Chhindwara Jn