How to reach Bhimavaram

Bhimavaram welcomes you with the pleasant sights of lush paddy fields and vast aqua tanks lining the scenic riverside. The many beautiful temples strewn across the city give it an air of serenity

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Following its perennial course by the city, the river Godavari bestows it with mesmerizing natural beauty. Once ruled by the Chola dynasty, Bhimavaram has an equally fascinating historical background. It has been named after the Chola King Bheema, who constructed the magnificent Someshwara Temple in the 9th century.Recognizing the city’s contribution to the Indian Freedom movement, Mahatma Gandhi had bestowed it with the sobriquet ‘Second Bardoli of India’. Owing to its vast agricultural produce, it is today a major trading town of Andhra Pradesh. With its picturesque views and rich spiritual culture, Bhimavaram is sure to charm you.With a number of magnificent temples adorning its landscape, Bhimavaram is a spiritual delight. The iconic Someswara Janardhana Swami Temple is one of the five holy temples of Lord Shiva, giving Bhimavaram the title of a ‘Pancharam Kshetra’. One of the oldest temples in India, it is known for its aesthetic appeal. The temple’s Shiva Lingam assumes different colors on full moon days and new moon days. The Sri Mavullamma Temple is another important place of worship. The deity ‘Mavullamma’ is an incarnation of the Goddess Shakti. The annual Mavullamma festival is celebrated for a duration of 30 days, beginning in January. This is an ideal time to visit the city and witness its cultural splendor. Bhimeswara Swami Temple, Sri Shaktieswara Swami Temple and the Jain Temple are also worth visiting.Bhimavaram is known for its natural beauty. The Godavari riverside has a number of picturesque locales, which are ideal for spending time in the company of nature, enjoying the pleasant scenery. The renowned paddy fields of Bhimavaram are also worth visiting for a glimpse of the city’s agricultural prosperity.Being an important town in the West Godavari region, Bhimavaram has an impressive network of public transport services. Local transport mainly consists of government run buses that ply on the major routes in the city. Auto-rickshaws are a convenient way of traveling within Bhimavaram. Tourists can hire a private car or taxi for sightseeing.It is important to respect the cultural norms of the city and dress in modest traditional attire while visiting the temples.Avoid traveling late at night as the streets are usually isolated and public transport is scarce

Connectivity Information

Reaching Bhimavaram By Flight

Bhimavaram is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Rajahmundry at a distance of 69kms.

Airports: Rajahmundry Airport

Reaching Bhimavaram By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Bhimavaram from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Bhimavaram Jn