How to reach Basti

Moving around Basti, through its sprawling old markets, clustered with shops and vendors, the city charms you with the bustle and banter of the numerous people who throng the place. With its small and lively neighborhoods, surrounded by narrow streets and quaint temples, it seems little more than a typical small town

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But unknown to many, Basti in Uttar Pradesh is endowed with a historical legacy dating back several centuries. The ancient city is believed to have been a part of prosperous kingdoms ruled by powerful rulers such as the Gupta dynasty, the Maukhari and the conqueror Muhammad of Ghor. The city's past is also shrouded in mythological tales that connect it to the Vedic kingdom of Kosala. As per religious beliefs, it was the abode of the great sage Vashistha, who was the teacher of Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman. The rich cultural and mythical past lure travelers to this obscure small town.A visit to Basti's local markets is the best way to experience its vibrant and colorful culture. The Pakke Bazaar is one of the oldest, largest and most crowded marketplaces in the city.You can also revisit the city's ethereal past through the various historical sites in Basti. The Ahmuth Bridge, built during the British era is worth visiting for its scenic location. The Chhawni Bazaar, on the other hand, houses a popular memorial honoring the martyrs who sacrificed their life in the freedom struggle. You can visit the Chando Tal Lake and the Sant Ravi Das Van Vihar to spend some time in the company of nature.Public buses are available to travel to the prominent areas in and around the city of Basti. It is an economical travel option as the bus fares are low compared to the other means of transport. Auto-rickshaws are the best way of traveling within Basti. You can hire an auto-rickshaw directly from the street. Various car rentals in the city allow you to hire a private vehicle along with drivers to tour the city with minimum hassles.If you are visiting Basti during summer, carry comfortable cotton attire to travel around the city with ease despite the heat.Ladies are advised to dress in modest attire to avoid discomfort in public places, as Basti comprises a conservative society

Connectivity Information

Reaching Basti By Flight

Basti is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Gorakhpur at a distance of 70kms.

Airports: Gorakhpur Airport

Reaching Basti By Train

There is no regular trains to Basti from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Faizabad which is located at a distance of 59kms.

Railway Station(s): Faizabad Jn

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