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The identity of Anand is inseparably attached to the famed Amul Dairy. Formerly a sleepy small town, it has now turned into a bustling urban space owing to Amul

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TYet today's Anand is much more than just the hometown of India's topmost milk producer. It is now among the emerging commercial hubs in the city. With the rapid economic development owing to its industrial success, the city has a fresh new look to it. Yet, though it may now boast of plush roads and swanky concrete towers, at heart it still remains a small town with narrow dusty streets and low-lying structures. Despite its modernization, Anand has a homely feel to it that instantly charms its way into your heart.The name of the city 'Anand' means 'happiness' in Hindi. And Anand has grown to be a joyful city indeed. Established in 1946, the Anand Milk Union Ltd (Amul) Dairy has earned the reputation of being one of the largest milk producers in the country and with it, brought much prosperity to previously poor villages. It is only natural, therefore, that Anand is known as the 'Milk Capital' of India. Anand is also popular as the birthplace of one of India's foremost freedom fighters, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A genial blend of culture, tradition and modernization, Anand awaits you with many memorable experiences in store.Being in Anand, you simply cannot afford to miss out on visiting the one landmark that lends the city its fame. Visit the Amul Dairy and Chocolate Factory and the museum within its complex, and acquaint yourself with its phenomenal journey. Here you can actually witness the process of how some of the most popular milk products in the country are made. The most exciting bit is, of course, the chocolate factory, where you can even taste some of the mouth-watering confectioneries. Yet, Anand has more to it than housing one of Asia's largest dairies. There is a historical side to the city, which is rarely explored. Move around the city and revisit its roots with a tour of the grand monuments that continue to survive despite the passage of time.Anand is also popular for its rich artistic tradition boasting of beautifully crafted handicrafts. Along with giving you a glimpse of the cultural arts of the city, these also make for ideal souvenirs. Clay and wooden handicrafts are popular items to shop for. You can also buy scarves, cotton bags, and mats embroidered with the colorful patterns of the traditional Kutch embroidery.Auto-rickshaws are the preferred local means of transport in Anand. You can easily hail an auto-rickshaw from any of the streets. The city buses also ply on the major routes in around the city. For a more comfortable way of traveling within the city, you can hire a private vehicle as per your preference.Consumption of alcohol is illegal in Anand.Temperatures tend to shoot up considerably during summer and may not be suitable for tourists

Connectivity Information

Reaching Anand By Flight

Anand is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Vadodara at a distance of 37kms.

Airports: Vadodara Airport

Reaching Anand By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Anand from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Anand Jn