How to reach Ambala

Ambala is a curious mix of religious harmony and warrior traditions. The land of Gurudwaras, these serene holy sites stand in honor of many revered Sikh saints who arrived here and brought lessons of unity and brotherhood with them

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On the other hand, you are also likely to get a glimpse of the Nihangs, the courageous Sikh Khalsa warriors, whose magnificent display of fighting skills is at its best during the Sikh festivals. The fighting tradition of Ambala continues as it remains home to a large contingent of the Indian armed forces. The district might have gotten its name from the 14th century Amba Rajput, or from the deity ‘Bhawani Amba’ whose temple still stands here. Or maybe it’s just an innocent corruption of ‘Amba Wala’, a term used for many mango groves that once existed here.The district of Ambala has also secured its place in the annals of the Indian freedom struggle. During the famous revolt of 1857, the district was an important military base and witnessed a sepoy mutiny that ultimately resulted in suppression of not just the rebellious soldiers, but also many civilians. However, Ambala displayed an inspiring unity among its citizens who resisted the British, irrespective of their religion, creed, and cast. The city continued its role throughout the important phases of the freedom struggle, including the Quit India Movement and the Civil Disobedience Movement. A few British churches and cemeteries still stand here as a reminder of those volatile days.Today, Ambala is as famous for having scientific instruments manufacturing industries as for its old and serene Gurudwaras.Most visitors arrive on a pilgrimage to Ambala’s numerous old Gurudwaras. Ambala has some of the most prominent holy sites of Sikhism. Among the most visited are Lakhnaur Sahib, Manji Sahib, Sis Ganj and Badshahi Bag.Arrive at Anandpur Sahib during the time of the famous Sikh festival, Hola Mohalla. You will get to observe Khalsa Nihangs offering a brilliant display of martial traditions of Sikhism. If you are traveling with children, take them to Ambala Planetarium. One of the oldest in the country, its brilliant telescope offers an inspiring glimpse of heavenly bodies, which the kids will love.Ambala is also a convenient halt for travelers visiting Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.Over the years, Ambala district has seen tremendous improvement in its transportation due to increased government initiatives. Both Ambala City and Ambala Cantonment have major bus terminals. Regular buses are available for Delhi, Amritsar, Shimla and Chandigarh. You will easily find auto rickshaws to travel within the city. While cycle rickshaws are not as common as other modes of transport, they are the best option when you want to move through the bazaars and busy streets of Ambala.Women must be extra cautious. Avoid traveling alone after dark.Make sure your head is covered and feet properly washed before entering the city’s Gurudwaras

Connectivity Information

Reaching Ambala By Flight

Ambala is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Chandigarh at a distance of 33kms.

Airports: Chandigarh Airport

Reaching Ambala By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Ambala from other major cities of the country..

Railway Station(s): Ambala Cant Jn , Ambala City