How to reach Aizawl

What used to be a tribal village once upon a time is today a bustling city that comes alive with its local culture and tourist buzz. Located over 1,000 meters above sea level, Aizawl in Mizoram is a stunningly beautiful city that intrigues visitors as much as it intimidates them

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The North-East of India has seen a fair bit of strife, and due to this, travelers are sometimes skeptical about visiting this city, along with the others in the region. However, with the kind of natural, scenic beauty Aizawl offers, it’s hard for anyone to stay away for too long.Lush green hills stretch out in front of you, with little thatched-roofed houses dotting them, welcoming you into the arms of the mountains. The sweeping valleys, the gurgling rivers, the rich agriculture and cultural traditions of Aizawl, one of the seven sisters of the North-East, all come together seamlessly to make this one of the foremost tourist destinations in the country. They say that for a traveler, not visiting the North-East is blasphemous, and Aizawl in Mizoram reiterates this fact.The Durtland Hills toward the north of Aizawl are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Aizawl. With a slight nip in the air, these hills offer spectacular views of the city below and make for a great picnic spot.Though established only a little over 100 years ago, Aizawl has a fascinating past. Relics from this history can be seen at the Mizoram State Museum. For a comprehensive lesson on the history, traditions and culture of the region, a visit to this museum is a must.Shopaholics should rejoice in Aizawl—the locals of the North-East are well known for their heightened sense of fashion, and these local garments and wares can be found in the indigenous markets of the city. One of the biggest and most popular markets here is Bara Bazaar, where you will be spoilt for choice with a huge selection of apparel and accessories to choose from.Nature lovers can visit Hmuifang, a spot about 1,600 meters above sea level, covered in dense forests and preserved since the time of the ruling Mizo Chief before civilization came to the region.City buses and mini-buses are common modes of transport with the locals of Aizawl. You can also hire taxis—cars that are yellow and white—from almost anywhere in the city.Aizawl has seen strife over the years so research thoroughly before planning your trip.Pay attention to local safety tips and guidelines while you’re there

Connectivity Information

Reaching Aizawl By Flight

Aizawl is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights.

Airports: Lengpui Airport

Reaching Aizawl By Train

There is no regular trains to Aizawl from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Agartala which is located at a distance of 145kms.

Railway Station(s): Agartala